Saturday, 28 August 2010

...... in debts

My girls really know how to make me guilty....... These are the fabrics they have accumulated since the past three years when I was unable to sew for us.

Can't do much sewing per day since we have the Tadarus each day and night prayer perform as scheduled.....

Some of the completed baju kurung Pahang and Johor for our coming Eid...... The first three on the right are mine and the rest belongs to the girls plus few more stacked up fabrics which I have yet to sew ...... Need some embroidery add on to some of the baju kurung .......if time permit.

Hope can finish up on time and the girls will have them all ready for the 'Aidil Fitri.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

FA know how...!

Now what? Diverting myself into something different again?

Way back during younger days and school time I always love the Art class. That was all.......have no ideas and know nothing about this Folk Art.... totally zero and I am willing to learn.

Found this amazing book by the same tutor and author, En Zahir Yusof, during my recent visits to PBS, I know I have to give it a go.......and have read about him through local blogger friends in their entries........I was crucially fell in love to know how or at least about FA.....

Any suggestions and badly need some advice, dear friends.....!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

all in all.... preparation is required!

We celebrate and prepare most joyful way to any new born and birth... with all the warming welcome and nothing and nobody is against them!

But is it proper to get ready and be prepared before we leave this worldly life..... just few hours of our last stay 'here'.....a white bed sheet, a pillow sham and a body cover........and all the necessary items needed for that day?

Many have given comments on this, and it is not a new issue.....and we talked this out to our religious man.........apart from preparing ourselves is not wrong to get ready, in materials form, and always expecting each day is our last existence on earth.

Few ladies surround me are doing and preparing theirs..... and I am involved in that acts!

All sewn, washed, packed and keep them within easy reach, anytime, till the day arrives...........

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My daily routine.... z z z z z z z z z

Who can possibly do some sewing in this situation...... I wonder!

Having a very skilled hubby in constructions and building management works I can't stop him from ransacking my sewing corner too..... now he has almost completing the renovations at the final part of the house.

Since I took over the dining area as my favourite corner, hubby demolished BOY's room to replace the dining and I am so happy that I have a bigger dry kitchen.... finally!

I am now residing in the master-bedroom to sew our baju kurung for the coming 'Eid..... with most of the time air conditioning is on, and most of the time too I snoozed more than finishing my tasks...... :D

SAMPLER BOM from CikKema

This dotty bright piece was from CikKema, received yesterday. My 7th block so far.
I love the blue and turquoise contrasting each other... thanks CikKema.....

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Dear friends ...... if by any chance you ever received any email using my email address, please ignore...... as recently my account has been hacked......
All was fixed now.
I am truly sorry for the inconveniences occurred. Thanks.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Saturday, 7 August 2010


He is 20 now...... just like that...... and I am missing him.

On July 27th he was born, feel like I was just holding him in my arms yesterday, but he is now about to wonder the whole world... That is his wish..... to venture more and looking for something to hold on to, in his field....... he is doing Culinary Arts and on his final soon.

At home, at BK3, he is having fun every weekends with his THIS toy........ We lost count of his falls, stumbling over the hills and plunged himself into ditches and broken his toys many a times.

But the one that almost burst my lungs was to hear that he rode his bike from our walk-up-apartment, 4th floor CYCLED down to the ground TRAILING THE STAIRCASE ........! How do you feel hearing all those, while the distance BETWEEN us counts 6 hrs to reach him ?

But he is my BOY...... and I love you dearly, son. enlighten my gloom

The whole of my sewing corner now looks so wrecked and lifeless and dust at every corner .............. So is my life but still I sit and sew.......... sighhhhh!

So made these to lighten up my corner and give some good companions to my little BEAUTY.... a machine mat with few slots to hold some sewing gadgets, mobile tread catcher and a pin cushion..... Did I break the rule for not placing the thread catcher on the right of the mat? ..... Frankly I am comfortable with it being on my left ...... snipped and drop..... that is it.... and it would not takes a lot of space as it is right on my lap.....

Look at my old thread catcher... just placed it hanging in between the drawers but I had it ever since I can remember.....
I made a simple pin cushion plus a metal piece to give some weight. Here I used my hubby's old hinge which I found kept nicely in his tool box. Shoved it in at the bottom and had it sewn after filling up with poly-insert. Quite heavy and will hold it in place.....

The thread catcher is meant for mobilising as I like to carry it around. So I sort of made it attached to buttons underneath the pin cushion or let it stay free standing by my side waiting to be filled up with threads, small pieces of rabbit's ears, or sometimes my sweet wrappers ........ :D

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

RE workshop @ IKM Sik Kedah

Last week I had such hectic days of doing errands and hunting for ribbons and some sewing materials, preparations for the beginners RE class that I conducted at IKM Sik on Monday July 2nd 2010.

Around 11 enthusiast RE students only, but apparently they are sewist themselves and easily 'manageable' ..... :D... They all are fast and eager learner and towards the end of the day they have something to turn the RE sampler into.......... and proudly display for this coming 'Aid.

All in all I am much happy that my little mission had accomplished and met few new friends..... and such fun knowing them. Maybe someday we could meet again with some new craft things to share..........

Sunday, 1 August 2010

SAMPLER BOM # 9,10, 11 &12

The house renovation is moving fast to my sewing corner, bathroom and the kitchen.... so I did a sewing marathon and completed these................

Phew.... soon everyone will get their block.... and I can sleep tight now........

September's block from me is for Aimila

Maz has requested for white, brown and turquoise, so this is hers

November's block is for Fida................. you will get this soon Fida!!

Lastly for December's block is definitely for Diana......

lost and found

While searching for brown fabrics for CikKema's block, I immediately remember I have been to ANNA PATCHWORK HOUSE at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya sometimes early of this year....... and bought few sewing accessories and fq. Finally found the little bundle inside the box hidden under the sewing table.

Are there anymore hidden treasures...... Diah???? :D

SAMPLER BOM # 8 - CikKema

I was whipping blocks for few others and especially CikKema for the BOM projects by which is due this month of August. Here is your block CikKema, will get it posted to you soon..... :D