Tuesday, 18 November 2008


wall-hanging - red heart
the heart shape was copied from a quilt sampler and design to form this gorgeous green thing. the hearts looks striking accompanied by other soft colour. design this especially for my sewing room.

Saturday, 15 November 2008


baby-sets Nia's friend
this A B C sets was design upon request for nia's colleague when she was doing her practical at Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam few years ago. like the soft tone. machine appliqued and hand-quilted A B C-Z and 1-0 all around the surrounding frames.

Friday, 14 November 2008


single - Anna's
quite challenging, but i did twice though.
the applique parts were done by machine using blanket stitch. pieced and quilted by machine.

Monday, 10 November 2008


One of my cellphone pouch. Still keep this cos it does not fit any, have changed few phone sets. Now it goes in my drawers to rest!

Denim with little machine embroidery, and a detachable wrist sling.


baby comforter - AnnaRusdi's
it was only a comforter request by anna for her third baby. she has three boys now.
see the little thing there. made that too for her baby.

Friday, 7 November 2008


baby-sets - Hajjah Amni
another grandma-to-be request for a copy something like the first one, except for the printed fabric.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


baby-sets - Ducklings - Hajjah Zaharah
guess i am a bit obsessed with ducklings.
the quilt was machine appliqued and hand quilted.
request by the owner for her coming grand-daughter (how positive she was then). little embroidery was added to enhance the sets. finally she has got a grand-daughter indeed.


laymat - Syam's
as i always mention before Syam helped alot in promoting my products to her family members. she does quilting herself, but could not concentrate doing since she has a career of her own. as a token of appreciations, made this for her... thanks Syam for everything!


single - Maisara's
this alphabetical beauty belongs to a little girl Ara.. the mum calls her. how her eyes sparkled with joy the first time she sets her rounded eyes on this. all machine appliqued and machine quilted. i will add the details later

Monday, 3 November 2008


single - Najwa's
before she left for her boarding school, i made her this. she is one of the closes niece i have and used to stay at my place during school holidays. she sews very neat and her stitches are tiny and even. she has the potential of inheriting this craft from me.... huh....do not let my kids know this! ! !


single - Lin's friend
got the fabric during my 'roundings' around town. just a simple prints , a chinese cotton, soft and colourful. made this in just two days. cut, pieced and join... the rest as 'fated' (schedule and abide by the rules). but it left me with bundle of holes.... cut design off... remaining holes here and there..... peeping tom!


single - Hajjah Kamariah

fell in love with the design adapted from quilting books grabbed from one of my trips to KL. all machine-pieced and machine-quilted.
this was presented to a friend..... till now still wondering how she could managed to be that close to me in our brief acquaintance that enabled me to gave her this. but deep down inside i knew she is/was like a lost sister to me... by then her health was a bit critical....we lost contact after my monthly checkup was rescheduled. pray for her still....

Sunday, 2 November 2008


single - Nadia's Mum
again grandma quilt.... they call it. belonged to an auntie who came to visit her daughter - my neighbour. all handmade.....

Saturday, 1 November 2008


a single comforter - Syam's Auntie
a hexagon pieces again.... means all handpieced and hand quilted


baby-sets - Hajjah Rahmah (again)
this baby comforter was also done all by hands. the only custom-made sets that include the filling was this one. she insisted that... as a gift to her daughter-in-law.

wonder when will i be able to make one for my own grandchild!!!! (not at this near future....)


baby-sets - nia's friend
these little animal characters are copied from the fabrics design. the idea was to coordinate the concept of all the sets. designed and select colours accordingly and and appliqued and quilted by machine.


wall-hanging leadlight-roses
managed to get hold of the magazine. it is from Australian Patchwork & Quilting Annual 2002 Volume 9 No 11 page 135.
the one on the left is the original design.
mine was done to suits the partition wall of my sewing room, the width was adjusted. the applique was hand-stitched and all hand quilted.


some of our long strips are hardly use. so this is one of the alternative that we could transform them into. make two pieces though, but the smaller version was grabbed by my niece before i managed to take picture.

(well, pray i have the time and in the pink of health to really sit and do some research and post whatever i have to everybody here... really mean it)