Tuesday, 29 March 2011

WIP- small prayer mat

I have another project for the WI meeting next month. Here it is, a little progress.

I am done with any hand quilting for years now, due to numbness and tingling fingers and pain on my right shoulder (frozen shoulder). But I did try here and found that no consistency in my stitches. Luckily it covers a small area of the whole project though but it needs my nurturing and attention dearly.

These are my fave thimbles. And look closely at the right top gadget, it has duly worn out and dented a bit for years of usage. The one with skin color is an open adjustable thimble which is now my fave (from CP)..... and the other piece I used for the bottom middle finger for protection. The leather 'clover' thimble is quite useful at time, but not for quilting.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Tiny but not TINY

I was away from my sewing nook and just a bit tired and weary for the whole of this week. Yet have to dig my stash to sew something small and cute before I leave the house ........ one or two little 1" hexy per day. I am to do this tiny phone charms to be on sales, donation or as a door gifts plus some other items during the yearly carnival on May in our small town, Alor Setar.

I had posted this here sometimes ago..... had done few for friends and received a good respond and decided to have them a go as fund raising projects. Let it flow smoothly while sewing these...'cos I am doing hundreds of them....... :) InsyaAllah

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Quilted Fabric Basket Swap

Quilted Fabric Basket Swap

In case you miss this.............. Another SWAP by Michele Foster of Quilting Gallery

Registration is now open until April 4th. Let your creativity soar and make new quilting friends around the world. Click the image for all the information and to register for the swap.

I have done so, and from Malaysia definitely on the list of participants.............. Yeah!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

N & H pilowcases and sampler blocks

While embroidering the "N" a friend came and she requested for 2 sets of pillow cases with a 'N' and a 'H' on other two pieces. I took the opportunity to pursue along on my sampler blocks.

Monday, 21 March 2011

One day catch.... one month consume

After some persuasion to come back here in Alor Setar, my son, Muhammad Sulhi (Boy) had been home for three weeks......... He just can't resist to go ride his precious bicycle around Klang Valley with his comrades.... but he came home finally!

My two boys (old and young... :)) were getting along very well and they had their adventures for the whole of Boy's stay. Gardening, cleaning, trailing and best of all, he had great time following his Abah, for sea fishing...... They had most memorable time together and the topics about their sea adventure carried on for about a week...... But I did not pay attention to them much........as I was very busy at this time of the year with my own activities......

The fishing trip ended up with lots of catch..... though mostly of medium size. According to my hubby during on board, Boy's thrill was beyond words.... tough at first he got nausea and had to stay put for the first hour.

So, just imagine for the whole of last week we had all our meals with fish and veggies on our table...... Omit other dishes in the pic....... but all was his job in the kitchen, the steamed, the grilled, the deepfry ........ and all spicy with lots of herbs, he simply dashed on the poor fish he caught. But frankly it was lovely and tasted good .... but he can't beat my 'air-asam' as the dip ........lol.....!

He is back now at BK3....... and here at 49ers, both Abah and Mama have to continue 'fishing' out the rest of his catch from the fridge.....everyday.....!!!!!!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

WIP- basket - surat khabar laaaamaaaaa(old newspaper)

A work in progress for the coming WI Annual meet. To be submitted before April 9, 2011.... Still plenty of time but a tedious works......

The basket base and the cover.... have yet to decide the final construction....

Monday, 14 March 2011

H for Heart

I was a little down today............. 'cos of this. If one looks closer, one can see the unfinished crosses............ my machine did not do well and needs caressing for sure.

Need to stitch manually to complete, no big deal, will do it!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The returned....

It was about a year I have left this pouch template untouched. While making one for a friend as usual will make few to filled up my craft wardrobe which is almost empty now....

Thursday, 10 March 2011

N for Now

I will be into embroidery now..... slowly but with proficiency!!!

Bought this design few years back along with the embroidery machine. I did this once for Darr's pillowcase but it came out not to my expectations. This is a trial piece and after resizing I am contented and happy with it. Will make a wall hanging when I have embroidered all, from A - Z. InsyaAllah.

Purity of white

Early morning, I started fresh with this for a neighbour, a gift for her friend's wedding ceremony.

On white...... merely few words..... but it was radiantly pure and modest....... will get along with anything splashed on it.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Another bag...... hatched!

Today, before I file up all the printed notes and templates for this beauty, I made another one equal except for this, I used thick cotton on both sides. It was done smoothly since all had been in the head and in few hours time this was produced...... I still have few of Naiz wrapped button and it matches well....thanks, Naiz dear!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blooming Flower.... how-to!

As I was doing the flower, act as a fastener for the bucket bag recently, I managed to snap few pics for my reference (so sorry for the blurred images). I would like to share here, simple steps of how-to. Maybe this will give an idea of this easy to make and beautiful flower to add to any parts of our bags, dress, hair clips/hairband or as a rosette.

Here goes......

Cut 5 petals measured 3" x 3" square.Thread in needle with about 24" length of thread and knot the tail. Fold one piece of fabric becomes a triangle shape, and do running-stitch on both raw edges. Pull tight until it forms a single petal.

Do not cut the tread.... just continue doing the same to the next square. Add in all five petals, forming into a flower and tie the tread several time to secure, and still keep the threaded needle to continue. I happened to have some wrapped button from Naiz sometimes ago (thanks Naiz) to match. Centre the button and stitch several times to keep it in place.

Position the brooch or safety pin (mine is a bit tiny) at the back of the flower and stitch several times and tie and cut off thread. Well, all done and the flower is blooming beautifully..... :D

This one is for the sew along - bucket bag,.

SAL - Reversible Bucket Bag- #4-completed

I have done my SAL - Reversible Bucket Bag....... finally!

Thanks to Sue of MyBotang for organizing this SAL, and I am happy and delighted to be able to participate with many enthusiast and talented Malaysian crafter and sewist. Hope in future there will be more SAL organized by others....... maybe SUE again........ :)

My cheers to us all ...... and to those who has not done yet, please do not despair...... one day there will be just the right time to complete......go girls go!


Sunday, 6 March 2011

SAL - Reversible Bucket Bag- #3

I did stretched out myself real hard to get along with the SAL girls.... and I think I have made it ...... the gap is diminishing :)

Here it is, as per today.....

I kind of fell in love with the bucket shape..... what say you if I make another ...... 1

Patiently waiting......

............to get the final touch!!!!

I did not have 2 hours previously to finish up these lots, to sit, to cut the tail threads and to iron up. Completed the embroidery parts, 'bout 2 weeks ago...... just 24 pieces of pillowcases and 11 pieces of table clothes.

Yet, they have to be delivered soon.... and now ready for packing, finally!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Storage Jar and Pincushion....

Yesterday when I was doing some cutting for the SAL project, I have little stash came handy for the jam jar that I had cleaned and dried. The lid was soft for cutting out with the can opener. Be careful with the rough cut edges, though!!!

The fabric used was about 5" diameter. Just stitch out 3/8th" around the edge, fill up with fibre, covered with the round cut lid in and tied up. I used a matching lace to add some essence to it. Placed it on top of the jar cover and the base was covered with a matching thick gold paper and glued them together.Here it is......to store my buttons/sweets.

SAL - Reversible Bucket Bag- #2

It was already midnight when I cut these pieces out.
Just another bit done!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Resume.... results

Yesterday, I thought I could just lazed around the house while peeking on Hubby doing his chores outdoor. It lasted for half an hour..... it was so dry outside and just could not stand the hot air blowing my face......

Ran inside and grabbed these to complete for a dear daughter ( she calls me MAMA) Nurul Husna. All these will be distributed to her friends when the SPM result comes out, which will be announced soon, this month.
All my prayer to you, Husna dear, we know that we can count on you... Insyaallah.