Saturday, 30 May 2009


Early morning today, I had set my mind and effort to finish off Nia's quilt top. After full preparation for backing (she changed fabric backing again for the third time) and smoothly laid out on my prep-table, I found out that I did not have enough batting for that queen size.......Oh my, so frustrated! It rained outside, it made me so reluctant to go out to buy one today.

Divert my mind setting on something that I wanted to sew for quite sometimes now. Here it goes......

I have bookmarked this for months now. It is a beautiful creations of DAWN of UK Lass in US and have seen this on others. At first I thought it was tough, but with minor adjustments I managed to endure with which the tutorial says it all. Anyone interested please visit Dawn and could post your creations over her place.

P/S To Jaja of Jajakraf, this is only the tiny bit of the felt from you. See what more I can do..... but I know, you are the queen of felt.... love all your craftworks on felt.


This is for May.

First time, I was able to sew and posting as scheduled. Hope this will continue throughout :-)

Friday, 29 May 2009


A single for Darling Little Princess Nur Fatin Izzati on her 1st birthday. machine patched and machine quilted.

This special quilt was handed over to her first birthday on August 10th 2007. Last night I recalled the beautiful moments during her stay in Alor Setar (they are now in Ampang, my niece's daughter, Salina). The above shows her first and second's birthday shot. Hope this coming birthday will be merrier than before.....Miss her dearly.....

Well, managed to get hold of the original design from my collections of magazine and would like to share here since it is a beautiful masterpiece, simple and easy and a nice gift for our little girl.

Check out for this m'zine from Quiltmaker's All-Time Favorites Spring 2008 - Special Issue at QUILTMAKER.COM

Thursday, 28 May 2009


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A quilt to share... and more Hexies

Hello everyone!!
I wanted to share with you the beautiful quilt that Diah from Malaysia made and donated to Hexagons of Hope.
It is truly stunning and fresh and pretty and pics don't tell the whole story.
Pop over to the Great hexagon Quilt-Along to read Diah's story about this quilt.
Here 'tis...

Thank you once again Diah.


In my attempt to fluff my this treasured quilt, it drizzled outside and had to transfer it indoor.

Just to recall old times when we stayed in BK3 and kids were in college, I managed to do this to unstashed, way back in 2002.

This king size quilt is quite an interesting project for those who find it hard to quilt in a bulk and have limited quilting space. And the best part is, it is a-quilt-as-you-piece project or foundation piecing, means that we laid 3 layers together and sew the additional pieces and it will form the quilt. Stacked all up and join the pieces by hand-finishing.

I used this great technique from JUDY TURNER from her book Awash With Colour. The pics from Australian Patchwork & Quilting Annual 2002 Vol 9 No 11 Page 58.


What lurks in your handbag? But most importantly is how many handbags do we have.

With this organizer we can just.........
pick up the bag organizer, shove it in a new handbag and off we go .....

I have sewn mine quite sometimes ago, but some friends asked me to make for them. Well, it is not that tough and I assure you, you can do it. Lets give us a try!

With permission I have this site for you to refer for the tutorials in pdf file. Thanks to Lolly of The Giving Flower for letting us share her creative and wonderful design.

Please have the courtesy to say something on her page and I am sure she will be least for visiting.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Just managed to complete my April block and was totally exhausted..... !


This is my post to the COME OVER TO MY HOUSE CHALLENGE for block 5 and the pic of my Tom's House.

DiahRothman's Block 5

by DiahRothman

This Tom's House has totally different shades. More masculine colour of black and grey. I prefer the window and door to be of same level as they look neat together.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


In the beginning of my marriage life way back in 1983, I had started this hobby of cross-stitching to fill my free time when I was having my first pregnancy. I resigned from my job in KL, and stayed with my hubby's family in Alor Setar, and was jobless then. So had really lots of leisure times sewing and picking up my other hobbies while learning to serve local dishes from my late MIL. Then I had tree kids and a career to take care and had limited times.

These two are my favourites. Roses are my flower and the other one was done fully stitched and took about one month to complete.....

How I wish that we could stay somewhere as serene as is in the design when hubby retires...........

I did a lot. From the smallest items to things for framing up.
Some of them were given away to relatives and also as wedding gifts to my closest deerie. These are some left which was collected by hubby and framed and hanged up in our family lounge.

Also found in an old shoe box were my pieces of DMC embroidery threads.

If I could locate my other collections of UFO's x-stitch hidden in the darkness of my old wardrobe, I'll include here.

Another one of my favourite was crocheting................

Sunday, 24 May 2009


Many of our friends out there are x-stitch expertise. Do join our dear friend Faridah's giveaway by visiting her blog and see what she has to offer for the lucky winner.

I do not need to express here how she is to every quilters, stitchers, sewers, crafters, friends, ....locally and globally...... everything she is................

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Yes, the fun begin and worth waiting for!!!!!

Sandra emailed and mentioned who my pincushion-swap recipient is...... well, it is between me and her.

Please visit Sandra ..... Many of us participating and it should be fun when the exchange comes. To be sent before June 21st. Sorry, no pics until after everything is over.

Now have to start digging ideas of the pincushion to stitch/sew, since I know her details and I want her to receive the best pincushion.

The most trill part is, I do not know who will be sending me her lovely pincushion......

Friday, 22 May 2009


The whole of last week was my rest day of sewing..... Just sewing?

But my kitchen had turned upside down!

My eldest and youngest came back for a week and they have big appetite and a good flair for foods. In fact I was happy to cook whatever they craved for........ (Mind you I am not good at cooking, but some how I managed). They went back yesterday morning.

Then I hopped for some fabrics and zippers in town, came home and did some pattern and fabric cutting. Complete this today for Nia's old buddy. Could not get the paisley fabric design she asked for all this while...but was lucky, got it yesterday and done with it!
> All cotton with lining and pockets internally.
> magnetic snap fastener

Thursday, 14 May 2009


HANISYAHIDA was my new student. She came just to learn sewing, nothing specific in particular. After some brief talk we decided to make a lap-top sleeve.

She was a fast learner and could sew a really straight line.....( for a first timer like her, that really matters) She has the flair of sewing. First day just taught her on handling of sewing machine and about my 'old girl' and what she is capable of...... some stitching patterns and a little bit of fabrics and threads. Then we proceed on the actual size of her lappy-sleeve and I scribbled off the pattern and ..... so on and on!

Well, here it is.

It took her two days to complete this. I am proud of her.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I have been eying for this fabric design from a very creative blogger friend Jajakraf. Finally the parcel came knocking at my door step today. I am so happy....

Apart from that gorgeous rainbow fabric Jaja could managed to get me some rainbow colours of felt. This is my double happiness......

And also, see the pinky little round thing there...... It is truly Jaja's. Thanks so much for the lovely pincushion for my additional collections. Love it. My third happiness....

So all in all I am the happiest old girl! Thanks again Jaja for making my day, today.

Monday, 11 May 2009


I was panting up and down wondering why my hubby came home late from work last Saturday. Understood that his journey took him more than one hour but the wild thought was hovering me more than anything........ oh damned! Nothing else but ...........I was sooooooo HUNGRY :-p

Finally he arrived home with his old-yellow-silver-bone-shaker (his FWD Pajero) accompanied by this huge green thing. We had a very late dinner!

Well, as long he was happy.......................... indeed he was. The next day, he woke up so early to plant this 'SHREK' (I named it) and had his breakfast outside, at his little garden.

This is his favourite nook....... when the weather is fine he sips his hot coffee here situated just outside our little house. This gazebo is my hubby's own ........... designed and 'handmade' by him amongst few other things ......

My son's, BOY, vintage Vespa (formally belongs to my father). Just ignore the Vespa.... just look at the little bird's house. Made from barks of trees....... and some of his driftwood collections from the jungle around Kedah forest.

BUT wondering when will the brown giant thing in the living room be removed :-(

P/S As per today (20th May) this 'brown giant' has its permanent home, under the porch where hubby always sit and has a good rest after the hard-days-work. So now I have a peaceful mind. :-)

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Happy Mother's Day to all dearest mother all over the globe.....

So today is Mother's Day in Malaysia.....

To console or rather selftreat myself, last night I made this cutie to replace my old tote for the Qur'an class. Added up with that are a little pencil case and a Qur'an cover to match all....

>Just a simple tote bag with outside and inner pockets, lining and zipper.

>Pencilcase is a box-design with zipper.

>I add up two strands of ribbons as bookmarks for the Qur'an cover.

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Dear Blogger Friends,

I am helping our dear Balkhis to generate some fund for her nephew. She has something to sell to gather some cash for the youngster's hospital bills.

For further details please visit her blog.

Thank you, for your support.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


It was not planned that we (hubby and I) traveled our way to KL again last weekend. We took a bus since hubby had never tried on one before and after my first (with Najwa) and literally narrated the luxurious coach and we could have a pleasant journey, he agreed. We went there to visit bro-in-law at Institute Jantung Negara for his by-pass surgery done last Monday. He is doing fine now and progressing fast for he is an active chap. Thank God!

Well as usual, the first thing that I grabbed was my take-along-set of my hexy project. For six hours journey we managed to acquire a lot. WE????? Hubby did some sewing too..... of course he can sew.... (can't prove to you cos promised would not show the pics of him sewing). We had great times together and we could talk a lot and mesmerising our happy moments this past years >>>>>>

Deep in side, I missed my shopping or rather hopping around KL........ as we spend most of our times at IJN.

But lucky me cos my girls did it for me..................... so, so happy....

See what they had bought for me. Till now I do not understand why they bought these items for.......

This mushroom thing is for darning.... it helps me a lot to avoid pricking my fingers during that process.

The sewing book is okay.

But the beading book ???????????

The tools set ??????????

............ help!!!!!!!!!!!