Monday, 30 November 2009


Before the Eidul Adha came last week end I managed to sew these pink beauty for Nana. A complete set for her first baby... consist of a mattress, small and baby pillows, bolsters and a baby comforter.... all stuffed with kapok as requested by a gift from me, a diaper stacker.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


This lovely polka dots came from Sharifah of Simply Sewing Room ....... I won this through Pah's giveaway. Love the fabric and will make into something beautiful out of it...... I noticed her cute label too!

Thanks a heap, Pah.....

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


As I was sewing the evergreen block of the GREEN-BOM , I remembered I had snapped this fruits/cones few weeks ago. Do not know from which species of evergreen conifers they were...... maybe from some pine family......but what attracted me was its seed will pop out once it had dried up..... Hubby collected these from his work place somewhere planted near the luxurious hillside in Penang Island.

Some of his other collections from the jungle.... something like empty shells..... a polished stones/granite from the river bank.....the whole tray of these are just besides the brown giant I mentioned months ago... still patiently and faithfully sits there....mmmmm :)

Friday, 20 November 2009


This is my post to the COME OVER TO MY HOUSE CHALLENGE for November, some evergreen trees and shrubs.

DiahRothman's Block 11

by DiahRothman

I had a problem printing out the template provided since the ink of my old printer had dried up long since.... so I made my own from the some dimensions given, draft the whole lot and cut out to pieces of templates.

Glad that I made it through and planted the so called evergreen trees.


Alhamdulillah syukur, dah selesai semua bunga-bunga dari KD untuk kawan-kawan geng hexy ni....

Yang terakhir telah diposkan untuk Zura, 30 kuntum semua....dan sebiji pincushion.... harap Zura sabar!

Giliran KD pulak menunggu posmen lepas ni..... :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Lately I was so busy and my house and sewing corner was in a mess and I just can't stop sewing and sewing.... to produce anything that I could managed.... patched bags, pouches, clutches, embroidered table cloth, pincushions, table mats and some quilts and runner as display items.

And last Sunday, here I was in the Island of Penang with Hubby, from the break of dawn till sunset... at Penang Times Square for IvoryCares Carnival Day 09 ...The Ivory Properties group had their annual event to help raised fund and the amount collected will be donated to the poor and needy. It was just a small crowds/gathering, more like a family day with children and lots of food and music.

I was so tired during the events and how I wish I was at home and had a good nap.... but with few items were sold and many just stopped by for a chat and admiring my products, I felt quite happy behind my booth ...... (since Hubby is one of their staff, he could not helped out :( ..... We wrapped up with some amount to donate to the needy and I was quite pleased with the whole event and got over with in satisfactions.......

Managed to pester/persuade Hubby to take us to Borders at QueensBayMall and grabbed a quilt magazine then shoot home. I dozed off with heavy head before reaching Penang Bridge on the way home which took about one and a half hour journey with the magz opened in my hands....... poor Hubby drove in cats-and-dogs!


Assalamu'alaikum semua.

Maaf KD minta kerana lambat sikit buat entry untuk kali ni.... Dah masuk perserta yang ke tujuh ia itu ZURA seperti semua telah maklum. Dan dah ada pun yang siap dan hantar pada Zura....... Malah KD sendiri peserta tiga yang terakhir pun dah dapat dari SHIMA, terima kasih Shima.

Selalu KD lawat blog Zura. Beliau telah sihat dan teruja untuk mengejar dan menyudahkan bunga2 yang tertunggak.... sian Zura. Relex sikit Zura, nanti terjejas pulak kesihatan you.... jangan tension sangat, okay. Tapi dari perbualan KD ngan Zura, Zura rasa seronok pula dengan hexy ni, dan dah dapat pickup dengan mudah dan lancar..... laju ajer siap katanya........... Oh yer, VIA cam ner yer.... dia jarang update blog dia, jadi tak tau perkembangan Via... ada sesiapa yang berhubung ngan Via... leh update, please!

KD nak minta maaf juga pada Shima KD lambat siapkan bunga2 tu....
Tapi tu dah siap semua... pulun semalaman jahit, Alhamdulillah! Nanti KD pos, petang ni atau besok pagi yer Shima.

Monday, 16 November 2009


Last Saturday I was selected to represent our WI (NGO) to take a day course on making a two-layered scarf plus some creative bead-sewing to enhance or giving some added value to dresses particularly... This was really an invaluable courses that I would not miss for the world.... Have to convey this beautiful craft to my group later, on our monthly activities....

Below were some of the 40 participants all came around Kota Setar.

During the drafting of templates and sewing......

The completed scarf and some beautiful creations to otherwise a plain dresses.... I love every minute of the course..... and I met few friends who were doing quilting and patchworks too ......

Since came back to stay here in Alor Setar, I have not met any personal whose interest are somewhat like mine... will have a group of quilting enthusiast later, I hope :)

Friday, 13 November 2009


Well , I have always planned things but it's been far longer than I had expected, what with illness , sewing machine breakdown and the pilgrimage seasons and other events attended it had been a hectic few weeks!

The end of the year has put more pressure as I have plans for next but all still hush hush !

Just have a peek of these....... many more to sew.... ohhhhhhh

Monday, 9 November 2009


These past few days I was not feeling good.... with the changes of weather and had a severe migraine and put me off my sewing area constantly.

Yesterday changed the whole things when I received these lovely gifts from Hubby and a dear friend....

This little beauty 'accidentally' fell on my lap as a gift from Hubby due to my birthday few weeks ago...... (what more can i ask when I have so much love and affections from the man of my life......) for my dear old baby giving me a signal that something was not okay with her..... she has to visit my technician shortly. Then came the urge of having another little baby to fulfill my need of something small and handy and Hubby came to the rescue..... so this belongs to me from beloved Hubby. Thanks Dear!

It did not ends there when Hubby brought in two big envelopes and placed them on my sewing table. Oh gracious God..... from SHIMA..... both!!!! I was so speechless when I opened the contents.... Shima, you managed to enlighten my days and here I mumbled my words of thanks for being so thoughtful and giving 'that' most beautiful fabric, fabrics, ribbons and lovely decoupage tissues........ apart from the first 3 sets of hexy-flowers of our Hexy Game..... Thanks a heap dear....... thanks again and again. While doing this entry I am still holding your hexy-flowers and all the lovely fabrics in my hands......

Friday, 6 November 2009


It has been quite a while I did not do quilting and too much on bag making, how I love the diversions .....

Rushed this little green piece for Yasmin and her coming baby boy soon.

Simple wonky houses design, all machine stitched and machine quilted. Measuring roughly 3ft x 4ft. This is my 4th reproduction of the same.

These are the close up requested by Cik Kema. Simple satin stitch or zig-zag. Black thread to highlight each object. No turning in seams, no stabilizer. Simple and fast....

Thursday, 5 November 2009

YET......... ANOTHER

Still with these........... Thanks for coming orders and support from all over. Have few more to handle.............!

These are are for Syazana of Seremban.

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Assalamu'alaikum semua.

Dah lebih separuh perjalanan kita dalam game ni......... rasa nyer yang dah dapat awal2 tu dah bolih cantum, macam Fida, Cik Kema, Mus...... aduh, KD pulak yang rasa tak sabar. Best juga kalau dapat tengok perkembangan bunga-bunga kawan-kawan. Kalau bolih tunjuk kat blog masing2 pun okay juga atau antar kat KD nanti KD post/buat entry kat sini.... takde masaalah.... memeriahkan!

Oh yer ada berita sedikit dari rakan kita Puan Balkhis......... Baru2 ni dia ada sms kat KD.... dia sihat tapi sibuk sesangat, kena kursus lagi di Langkawi (Khis tak per kursus tu pun leh bertukar angin, baik untuk minda dan ada masa untuk diri sendiri, at least for awhile)

Okay, masa untuk undian...... tengok siapa yang kena!!!!!!

Tinggal dua gulung kertas yang nak kena undi giliran ke 6........

S-H-I-M-A yang kena! Tahniah Shima!!!!!
Secara tak langsung seterusnya adalah Zura, KD, KD dan KD.

Macam biasa KD harap sangat semua update kat sini terutama Via dan Zura..... walaupun sedikit komen sudah memadai tanda telah acknowledge tentang entri ini....... KD doa, anda berdua sihat sejahtera....

Shima telah lama konfim nak pink/kuning (ada perubahan Shima?). Dan harap Zura juga dapat konfim pink/????.

Okay semua, teruskan berhexy.......