Saturday, 31 July 2010


Our latest WI Annual State Meets was held about 2 weeks ago. As usual all the protocol which involved the Royalty. But here I would like to make an entry about a little achievements. Nothing but craft related, though.

It was paid off when I did these two while accompanying Nia in the hospital bed....... I was so happy and it all worth it.

Not really as good as some of our local RE and stitchers which are many and some have their own design and do a delicate and very intricate handworks. But I am most happy that my effort were appreciated amongst our NGO groups, and I am quite contented now...... will do more better works in my next projects I hope.......

Here are the final products of the head scarf and the draw string bag which each has won a first place individually. These two are now at our WI HQ for the next level representing Kedah state............. Although I have very little hope ..... just give them a try and pray hard................ :D

Thursday, 29 July 2010

that green HAPPY HOUSE # 6

Completed this green sets of Happy House last night for Puan Salmah, a neighbour..........

A diaper stacker to compliment the whole set.....

The baby quilt top, the back and a little close up.....

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Kapok Insert: soft and silky texture of the cotton-like fibres found in the ripe and swirled-up pods make good fillings for pillows and mattresses . This fibres are sustainably harvested from the rain forest. And another name commonly used in Malaysia for the same is kekabu, and they have many species on the line.

These are the baby-set that I always supply when commissioned to do so. Aren't they so inviting? Definitely they have some therapeutic values....!

SAMPLER BOM 2010 from Maz

This bright and lovely block is from Maz and arrived today. Thanks Maz.... really love its jovial colour combinations from the fabrics...... Thanks again, Maz.

Still waiting for more to arrive....... :D

Monday, 26 July 2010

PREloved Overlock - my new love

That day while I was waiting for the Singer technicianman to install the white base body for granny's machine I fell in love with this little thing... an overlock machine. I have longed to own this ever since I plunged myself into sewing some dresses for my little girls, that was almost 20 years ago.

I was lucky to have grabbed this preloved 3-thread overlock Taiwan made model just fit enough to cater for my need. Most importantly was the half price slashed and it is just like new. The previous owner trade-in this for an industrial ones...... so I was just lucky, was not I?

So Nia and Darr, for this coming 'Aid mama will sew all our stranded collection of fabrics and we have plenty to change baju kurung throughout the month of Syawal...... :D

Friday, 23 July 2010

NIA's mishap and sewing

We, Nia and me, were at PPUM PJ from June 29th to July 7th 2010. From a minor leg injury became worst with infections, and she had to pay it by staying in the hospital ward for 8 days and me to stay up too, day and night to accompany her......! She is doing fine now .... and started her usual routine and was working yesterday after more than a month on medical leaves. Syukur....... Alhamdulillah. What should I do then............ To fill up my time there, I was doing these.......

A ribbon embroidery for the WI state meets. A hand-quilted draw string bag.

Secondly was some stitchery.Hand embroidered on a ready made head cover also for the same meets. If anyone realized and had been to PPUM, the nurses attire/uniforms are of the same colour as my project here, which was a coincident. Some of them stopped to asked if I was making for one of them.... :-)

It was such a life experience staying in the hospital ward for so much had I seen and heard which made me appreciate more of my remaining days....... and about how important is our HEALTH ........... not untill we lost them .......

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Inherited TREASURE

I was not into sewing lately.....and the agony of not doing so really irritate me .... I filled my time with some hand stitch which I will make an entry later.

Lately I dug up an old SINGER sewing machine which belonged to my late Grandmother which when I googled I found this info. The Registered Numbers EG- 770876, Model no is 15K, manufactured date was August 21, 1951. SINGER SEWING COMPANY "EG" Series Factory Name: Kilbowie' Clydebank Scotland.

Wow, so astonishing and I inherited a living TREASURE!

This machine was transformed from hand-cranked to a foot treadle...... When Granny gave me this I left it mobile at my Mum's place, but my 'smart-brother' modified it, with some explainations saying that his wife did not know how to use it by its original made...... lame excuses!!!!!!

I hate to have lost its hand paddle, the wooden base and box cover ...... very sad and most importantly it has lost its originality!!!!!! I have no idea how long the machine had sat, unused and abandoned in our utility room.

Oh yes, I did not mentioned here before, I have lost my Faith for good this time. She had retired. So, to suit my needs of a good machine I have used my magic wand again and make-over this BLACKIE and I am going to use it now as my favourite sewing machine ..... the rest with be used occasionally now.

Anyone interested for further information regarding Singer Sewing Machine model numbers, please click on the following link

So this is my new companion...... She needs more polishing though. I installed her with plastic body with extra bed and Japan made motor and controller with foot paddle. Please anyone, I need a suitable name for this BLACK BEAUTY of mine....... your suggestions is much appreciated ..... thank you.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

WIP - the same 'THAT BABY QUILT'

It seems this is one of the most favourite baby quilt this seasons. How I wish I am doing some other designs.......

At least for now......I am happily sewing them...... :D

Saturday, 17 July 2010

BACK with loads of BOM!

It is simply great to be back again and laze myself in the house that we, hubby and me, called home........After about a month being away from my sewing corner, today I started to dust away all my sewing equipments and working table which I missed dearly.

So much had happened, some mishaps and also happy moments....... and as I blog, I will define them bit by bit. But firstly let me update the BOM that we have played up till July. It is my turn to receive 11 blocks from our dearest participants. Blocks received were piled up by hubby and all mails were duly opened the moment I reached home last few days.

This is from Naiz

This is from Aton

This is from Pah

Really love all of them and the neat works and beautiful fabrics....... thanks Naiz, Aton and Pah......