Thursday, 29 October 2009


I was dusting off my embroidery machine from the corner of my sewing table...... poor girl! I am into embroidery this week for few custom orders from some friends.

While I was at it, I embroidered a white pure cotton fabric tablecloth for my Angel from Stitchers' Angels Swap (can't reveal her here yet). Included were a wrist clutch by which I hand-stitched a little rose and a hexagon pincushion. Hope with these, she loves them and will reach her on time. Have posted this a week ago.

P/S > Received a note from my Angel, Suzana Diaz of SusanPatch from Malaga, Spain. She has received my little gifts safely and hoping very mush she loves them all....... My humble thanks too for Helen Stubbings of Hugsnkisses for hosting this wonderful swap..... will look forward for more swaps organize by Helen.... :)

> An email came from Pia Skogman, my Angel from Sweden, saying that she was not feeling well to stitch yet....... and she was so sorry for this to happen.... My prayer for your speedy recovery Pia...... I can always wait.... :)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Last week end with Hubby (lucky that day could get hold of hubby to tagged along) we attended my former student's, Khuzaimah, wedding which was held at Hutan Kampong, Alor Setar.

She looked radiantly beautiful...... she was a simple girl who came to learn traditional machine embroidery, bags making and a bit of networking setup. She is building up her blog... to fill all her leisure time and will be residing in Rawang and will be a full time housewife....

Mmm Zaima, Auntie advise you to learn some Kedah's delicious traditional dishes and have many children ..... see, I can't cook well till now and am so lonely..... and now you are not around to accompany me... :(

Will frequently visit your mum to tackle her secret recipes.... :)

Sunday, 25 October 2009


I am still struggling with some expired promises.... here are some and.... oh.... few more to fulfill.

These are for Farah and Sarah (mother and daughter). Made the cutie bags few weeks ago and last night I stayed-up late to complete the messenger bag for her a matching pencil-box!

Sarah, Auntie Diah forgot to embroider your initials as promised.... sorry dear!


This is my post to the COME OVER TO MY HOUSE CHALLENGE for October, some trees and shrubs.

DiahRothman's Block 10

by DiahRothman

Here we were adding some landscape by 'planting' trees and shrubs (snow-balls blocks). More trees are growing by next month.....

Thursday, 22 October 2009


Yesterday marked my birthday....... mind you I am now 53 years old old-girl..... Did I ever mentioned before that I am 53 ....???? I thank God that at my age I am in the pink of health and very spirited towards another dimension of old age era. Never do I consider the number that without failed accumulating each year, but the many things that I could accomplished day by day..... Well, lets not bother much about that...... :P

What? Oh the GIVEAWAY DRAW....... Oh okay.......Look there, it was me, yes...... :)

I was thrilled by the many participants walked over to play the role..... these touched me a lot. This is the only way and means of how I can reach you and hand something to brighten someone's day ..... which came truly from within.... and I thank you all. I apologize if some were in vain but there is always some other times...... Promise to visit all and return to link.

What again? Okay okay.... here goes........................

True Random Number Service.
List Randomizer

There were 77 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. mamaalicianorman - patched denim bag ++
  2. tinntinn - cutie bag-pink ++
  3. naiz - wrist pouch ++
  4. sharifah - wrist pouch ++
  5. shima- wrist pouch ++
  6. ayu -wrist pouch ++
  7. elaine - cosmetic bag ++ (till to date Elaine has not responded to my emails, pls if anyone knows any mean of contacting her.....????)
  8. mamadaniel - little bag ++
  9. juniza - little bag ++
  10. mina - little bag ++
  11. haslina
  12. sharifah
  13. lamammacuriose
  14. lamammacuriose
  15. mamaalicianorman
  16. msdaisy
  17. sue
  18. sweetwannur
  19. alabamagal
  20. janovi
  21. suecahill
  22. yati
  23. neaflerida
  24. hobbymummy
  25. sleepy
  26. aless.erre
  27. mangosteenskin
  28. Shima
  29. aneesah
  30. mrsfedex
  31. mamaalicianorman
  32. mamaalicianorman
  33. norhafinaliza
  34. puantanah
  35. anonymous
  36. neaflerida
  37. mamaqaseh
  38. aida
  39. sekocinorlie
  40. ainaa
  41. sherry
  42. teenaintoronto
  43. reen
  44. ogy
  45. zaikulim
  46. mamafami
  47. Fawa
  48. linpingalong
  49. azie
  50. alviana
  51. shafazaliza
  52. yati
  53. rai
  54. mamaalicianorman
  55. anonymous
  56. iefadesign
  57. mamadaniel
  58. ainaa
  59. allthingsbeautiful
  60. nurain
  61. trisyaaleesajamil
  62. mamaalicianorman
  63. soyasofiah
  64. yati
  65. yati
  66. anamarza
  67. myrayyan
  68. syakila
  69. zana
  70. jommakan
  71. hamper
  72. jommakan
  73. juniza
  74. hany
  75. hobbymummy
  76. ariza
  77. taufidris

Timestamp: 2009-10-22 22:02:06 UTC

All winners, please email me your addresses ... Tq!


P/S These are the final collections of gifts that I managed to offer....... I am drawing out the lucky names by 9.00pm tonight, Oct.22nd ..... see you soon

ADR's TREASURES is celebrating its FIRST blogovesary and also my ....... birthday on the October 21st.

I appreciate all the supports, the never ending encouragements and having so many lovely friends through blogging world. I found serenity in this wonderful journey.... which I have included all of you enjoying few minutes or hours of solitude reading your kind words and added thoughts.... This has always bring some joy to my life.

Please enter my giveaway and may be your name will appear to receive some of these........

Just leave some words as many times as you wish and add your blog to my dearest friends's column.... I appreciate some additional friends.
Please spread the words too.....

The above are the first three gifts for the 3 lucky be drawn on the Oct 22nd.

I will add few more gifts....... books or magazines, little bags, pincushions, buttons and anything that I think you worth having....... how I wish I could??????..............

P/S Oct 15th - Here I add up few magazines (not latest issues) for few lucky winners.......

I have three copies of this Quick Quilts m'zins for another few winners ..... do not worry I have my own for all the above. Just greedy me always grabbed few extra for others if I can afford it.... :)

Now I am off to sew few little bags and pin cushions......

Monday, 19 October 2009


Via, ni semua untuk Via, KD dah pulun bagi siap...... Biru-kuning sebanyak 30 kuntum.

KD dan kawan-kawan Hexy semua berharap agar Via selamat berkursus dan dapat menjaga diri yang sedang 'berbadan-dua' tu...... Take care!

Kawan-kawan pun tak sabar nak tengok hasil kerjatangan Via dan bunga-bunga yang bakal Via hasilkan......

Friday, 16 October 2009


Bag Making


Free Motion Quilting

ABC Tote/ Pleated Bag/

Coin Purse with 3D Applique/

Hexagon Purse / 2-Way Tote

/4 Sided Bag

Playtime Quilting


Friendship Girls


LogCabin /Machine Trapunto

Advance /Threadplay

This is something that we should not miss..... a chance to meet some talented quilters up North, a demonstrations of Bernina 8 series, fabrics, kits and many more......... To have further details of the whole events, please visits here

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Assalamu'alaikum semua,

Dah pun 2 minggu dah dan nak kena undi lagi...... Macam mana dah bolih ligan selari dengan jadual Hexy kita ker?

Kali ni KD just on time....baru lepas pos Naiz punya 30 kuntum bunga2 tadi pagi. Dah siap sekali ngan Mus dan CikKema punya tapi tak sempat nak ambik gambar dan nak beli envelope pun tak sempat keluar rumah..... Maaf yer Naiz. KD banyak 'paperworks' dan duduk terperosok dipejabat kecil ini selama 4 hari bertungkus lumus... Alhamdulillah, selesai semua.

Okay, macam biasa member tolong update supaya KD dapat maklumat terkini dan KD juga akan updatekan column kecil kita di kiri tu.

Tinggal 3 nama (tak termasuk KD) yang kena undi........

Jampi punya jampi KD buka nama VIA aka MAS untuk penerima kali ini....... Tahniah Via!!!!!

Via, tolong update dan confirm kan warna bunga-bunga hexy Via, okay dan sertakan alamat ......
Kd rasa ramai yang dah buat siap-siap untuk peserta seterusnya kan..... Tu Shima tu, dia rajin, KD nampak dia dah siap banyak...... :p)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

HEXAGON GAME - MUS's & AKMA's (additional)

Ini 10 kuntum bunga-bunga untuk MUS

Ini 10 kuntum bunga pula untuk CikKema

Naiz punya 30 kuntum Isnin hantar sebab stok sampul kat rumah dah abis, Pejabat Pos tutup. ...... Sabaq na Naiz!

Lega... hutang bunga-bunga dah langsai!!! 8-))

Thursday, 8 October 2009


After the Eid I was quite busy doing some errands and attending open-house gatherings from close friends and relatives. My sewing corner was functioning well though, and lately I am doing flowers for Naiz of our local Hexagon Games ....

Do you ever feel bored Diah?????? Of course I do....... stressful like anyone else.....

But mind you I have what I call 'IN -BETWEEN'

These are few things that I had done to snuggle out of the blues, all sewing related for sure ......

> little bags for door gift (already gone, day before yesterday for my ex-colleagues)....

> few more wrist pouches (online orders still coming) ......

>fabrics cutting

>templates making.....

>AND make something specials for giveaway soooooon ..............for my coming birthday and first blogovasary. Watch out for these!

Then I will continue what was left ......!

I long to quilt ...... !!!!!!! :(

Monday, 5 October 2009


I have never forgotten about the little penguin -BABETTE. What I have is her photos and templates...... have yet to hatch few of her siblings.

Had visited Carol's blog recently and wow... Carol has given a lovely labels "BABETTE CORNER".... am I jealous of Babette.... and really envy about their tour...... The pics below are Carol's and please visit her to read about both of them......

Thanks Carol for all these wonderful thing you have given to Babette..... and wow..... she even assists you in your everyday life toooo...... ????? She is one lucky 'penguin'! WILL UPDATE AND COMPILE BABETTE'S ACTIVITY THROUGH CAROL'S. Allow me Carol..... Thanks....

........Babette visits - Wimpole Hall

There are animals at this lovely house that are SMALLER than me :) Missus H. said they are called snails. I wanted to swim in the Bath House but no water. Sadness.
A very old lady lived in this very big house for........

And the winner is ..........

(..... say cheese BABETTE)

.......Babette visits the Gower Peninsula

I got to visit the sea. Whoopee !!!!!!! Sadness, the tide was out :( But we had a mighty fine, looooooong walk. Missus H. carried me in her lunchbox so I would not scare the big, furry creatures with four legs !!!!!! I saw some distant relatives but.........

......."Babette" on vacation

Missus H. let me travel on the plane with her which was good thing 'cause her luggage got searched and I might have scared the searching man.
All the humans went on a trip round a place called London while I slept in the hotel. Good thing too because.......

.......Babette to Missus H

Babette - Missus H. when are we going to show the lovely people my holiday pictures?
Missus H. - Soon Babette, soon.
Babette - When is soon?
Missus H. - How about on Friday?
Babette - Why not today?
Missus H. - Because I have decided to...............................

.......Project up date - signature blocks for Lady of Steeles

This is the project I took on vacation with me. The intent was to get all 26 done. I have 15 of the celtic knots finished and the rest are .....

.........We are back from our vacation

We had a fabulous time in Britain. "Babette" got in on some of the pictures and..........


Look who's decided to tag along to Britain as quality control inspector for my sewing project. It's baby penguin from the recent pincushion swap...........

............Just call me the village idiot :)

A mystery package from Malaysia showed up at my house a while ago and for the life of me I could not work out what it was for. An adorable baby penguin that had.........

Friday, 2 October 2009


Salam untuk semua, SELAMAT HARI RAYA, dan kemaafan KD minta dari rakan2, terutama dalam kumpulan HEXY ni.....

KD nak buat sedikit pengumuman yang KD akan ambil alih pengurusan PERMAINAN ini, diatas sebab-sebab yang semua telah maklum..... Kita sama-sama doakan kesejahteraan Puan Balkhis yang pasti nya masih padat dengan jadual kerja dan sebagainya... Khis jaga diri dan kesihatan!
  • > Okay pertama-tama KD kena buat penambahan bunga untuk MUS dan CIK KEMA kan? Okay nanti KD hantarkan.
  • > Kedua KD nak minta semua peserta paling kurang bagi satu komen dalam setiap entri yang KD buat. Bukan apa nak tahu yang semua dah maklum apa-apa perkembangan dengan sedikit komen.... bolih kan! Atau sesiapa ada masaalah atau apa-apa punlah sila kemukakan.... :))
  • > Ketiga KD nak minta pendapat semua kalau bolih KD nak yang terakhir - sebab 3 lot tu kalau nak antar kena tiga kali kan - sat, jangan panik! Antar lah bila2 pun..... janji semua sampai kat tangan KD...... tak adil/adil?????? Jawab!
  • > Keempat...... kita main semula yeaaaah!
  • > Kelima kita cabut undi....... KD dah buat cara tradisional (kertas gulung2 tu) cabut sendiri pulak tu........ Berikut yang bertuah adalah ........ N-A-I-Z..... Tahniah Naiz!

  • (Naiz kalau ada apa perubahan bab warna ker apa-apa ker habaq cepat na, sebelum depa stat potong-potong kain buat bunga. Naiz - MERAH/KUNING)

Okay untuk dua minggu ni kita akan pulun buat semula Hexy kita untuk Naiz..... okay, bye!!!!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Friday Give-Away/Quilting Gallery

This is the other parcel that I received today.....

The two gorgeous tote bag patterns, from Barbara Weiland Talbert. Indeed I am one lucky winner, coz believe me, they are great patterns and superb tutorials.

Thanks Barbara and Michele of the Quilting Gallery for the patterns. I will make both and will post about them as soon as I get it done! Thanks..............a million times :)

Good Ol' Summertime Mini Quilt Swap

I was so bored to death the whole morning and the line was snailing around like I have nothing else to do...... when I heard the gate bell ringing. Jumped up to my heels and here are what the postperson handed to me..... Yes..... Happy and was on top of the world!!!!

Two goodies from the US.

This was from Denielle Lue of Spring Hill, my swapie of Good Ol' Summertime Mini Quilt Swap. It is simply lovely and love the colour combinations. Thanks Danielle, will hang up on my sewing room display-wall for everyone to see, especially all quilters' friend around this part of the world......and admiring your little pink Flamingos :)

I might as well post here the mini quilt I made for Mindy Peterson and some other little gifts. She had e-mailed me that mine is in her keepings.....

My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Michele/Mishka of Quilting Gallery for organizing this swap. Will join in more swaps later on...... ??