Sunday, 30 May 2010


A couple of hours ago, she came!!!!!!!

Who could that be?????????......... ANN from the CraftyAnique

She was just like her old self....the all-rounder Ann, that loves to do all sorts of thing, cracked jokes and laughs a lot.....and in the blink of an eye she was actually there sitting on my fav chair and at my sewing table.... then she was gone, leaving me........ And now her shadow keeps haunting me....

Ann, wait till we have the whole time in the world to chat while our hands busy sewing................ yes, sewing............ She really is sewing now and she showed me her swollen thumb and scorched hand..... poor girl..... but it is typical of her.... an accident prone!!!!!

Managed to snap her handmade stuff........

Friday, 28 May 2010

MACRAME part 2

When I left the craft hall that day my bag looked like this. With long strands of cords dangling. Mostly the dark colours showed, since I have used most of the lighter one to make the bag body. That was supposed to be the length of our little hand bag.

Being me, against wastage, I continued to add more knots down and extended the handle length to suits. It turns out another design that could hold more goodies than the previous ..... sorry Fariza, our tutor.

Apart from that, the base was done personally by me, with the help of the few pics taken during the class. And laid inside a lining and a pocket...I just can't wait to carry it around and farther more we have to display them at our WI booth during the Hari Penyayang 2010 .

Now I have few to complete from other participants by whom they too would like to complete theirs...... And I am just helping them though......!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

SAMPLERBOM # 5,6 and 7

I was so committed with the other activities that I almost forget about a block for FAWA......

Yes, today I did three blocks in a row while I was at my sewing table which I missed dearly.

Fawa's was posted today and should reach her shortly, I hope.

This is definitely for Fawa (May block)

For Sharifah Norizan (June block)

And this is for KakDee (July block)........ KakDee ????? :)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

WANI's Storm at Sea

Finally it flew its way to Wani today at Bentley WA, Perth. Hope Wani could sleep tight from the day she received this Storm at Sea.

My wish you are happy and study well and begets whatever your dreams are.... TAKE CARE DEAR... we all love you and our du'a will flow alongside you where ever you are!

P/S Those who wish to make the same please visit here

-Wani has received this on the 27th May 2010

Monday, 10 May 2010


Another baby set. This belongs to Puan Fazlina and she is expecting a girl.

Looks familiar? Many has fallen in love with this, and my 5th of The Happy House design.

As usual machine applique and quilt-in-the-ditch through out and quite lofty. The inserts for this sets are kapok. Some tiny trimming and simple design for all cases.

Friday, 7 May 2010


What is Macramé? ("MAC ruh may")
Macramé is an art of decorative knotting without using needles or hooks. By using a series of knots, many ornamental patterns are created. Macramé can be created using any kind of material. You can use fine thread to make macramé lace or even use leather strips. By a special technique, the macramé craft keeps the knots in place while the work is being done. Macramé can be tried by anyone with a passion to create with little or no experience. Even a small child can try macramé.

At the same time, macramé can pose a challenge and make it a most demanding craft for many senior artisans and craftsman. Creation of a decorative piece using the macramé craft requires artistic skill coupled with patience. It may even take many a month to finish a complex piece using high quality macramé work with intricate design.

I laid my blistered fingers on this, exactly a week after weaving basket....... the same organiser and at the same venue. This was conducted for two days.

Really hard for me to concentrate on my project because I had sore fingers. But still I love this macrame things and will do more if times permit.

We used a soft Polypropylene (Nylon) cord. There are so many beautiful design, but our assignments was to complete this beautiful handbag. Unfortunately no one could complete on time. Need an expertise to do such neat and fast work..... we will refer to our tutor once we reach certain level of our bag design and be completed fully...especially the base design..... it was quite complicated.

Some of the pics taken during the courses. Will add in mine after completion.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


"Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping also known as PET strapping is used when regular polypropylene strapping isn't strong enough to get the job done. Polyester strap most closely resembles steel strapping in its physical characteristics.

Polyester strapping will withstand higher tensioning than other plastic strapping up to 25% higher, with equivalent break strengths. It will retain tension on rigid loads better than other non-metallic strapping.

Quality polyester strapping is virtually unaffected by weather or ultraviolet rays. It is significantly lower in cost than steel strapping, a lot safer to use, and easier to dispose of too. Just imagine on how to get rid of steel strapping waste? Polyester strapping is also much safer to use then metal strapping since it has no sharp edges.

Considering all of the above, polyester strapping has become a wise choice as a steel strapping replacement."

From the above facts just imagine how we cut and blistered our fingers in order to learn something new in the name of crafts and we weaved something astonishingly beautiful products.

I attended this courses representing WI and was organized by the Pejabat Pembangunan Wanita Negeri Kedah, Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat which was held at their office on the 23rd - 24th April 2010.

HEXAGON GAME flowers from Naiz

A bundle of joy from Naiz...... 30 pieces of grandmother's flower and 2 great x-stitch and patchwork books dropped on my door step yesterday ..... simply lovely!

Thanks Naiz..... I have waited long enough for these to arrived... but it worth it..... all are beautiful!

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Now Hubby has lots of new activities and plenty of time at home. Since he has got a new toy, a gift from me on his 55th birthday and in conjunction of his retirement on the 6th of March recently, he started to list out the things to do with his new baby, THIS.............

He was busy doing this framed table top to house his collection of penknives when I showed him a printed picture of an accessory for my sewing room.

I went in, back to my corner to continue doing some sewing and later that day he gave THIS......
a ruler/templates holder from local 'keruing' timber. Heavy and very durable!

Oh my, you really made my day...... thanks Dia.....

This cost about $10-20 on eBay, but it cost us nothing.... Hubby collected what was scattered around us......patched and put it back to life.... it enlightened and returned us the true bonding of love and care............

Wait, after 10 years of doing patchworks and quilting I have only two pieces of cutting ruler and no templates?????..... So what should I slot in to fill up the empty grooves.... :D

Saturday, 1 May 2010


This was meant for ATON, the next recipient for Sampler BOM. This was posted on the 25th April, and by now definitely, Aton has received this safely.


Not really am I a gadget or tool lady for sewing but these two accessories really help a lot in reducing stress due to repeated tasks.

Do you hate to hide your threads inside your quilts? Is it an annoying step that you just can't stand? Hiding your quilting threads can take a little while to get used to. Most quilters just anchor their stitches with several stitches in one place, then clip off the thread tails. I save my time and still hide all of my threads by using this needle! The self-threading needle, or a needle that has an open notch at the top and pop your threads into the eye easily.

These needles are great for sewers with thread handling or vision challenges too. The small opening at the top of the needle allows the thread to pass through without squinting or straining your eyes. Simply draw thread down the opening, and it is threaded.

Another great help is this thread wax and is much more pliable and less likely to knot up my thread. Making great finishing, waxed cotton thread is perfect for hand sewing on a quilting project especially for binding your quilts.