Thursday, 22 April 2010


This came from Zila of MamaDanielDanish..... what a lovely award, fresh, bright, energetic and lively...... and shines to all. Thank you Zila. It means so much and brings some inspiration to strive for more out of life.

I am forwarding this to some lovely lady-bloggers and crafters... and whose name I did not mentioned please do not hesitate to receive this too.... you are no less than the rest.

To name a few:

Ann of Crafty Anique

Khis of How My Hobbies Turn To Biz

Cik Kema of MyRyan's True Love

DeeTha of Mlebu Pawon

Naiz of Naiz World

Fawa of Di Sini Hati Ku

Mus of Dunia Musliha

Shima of qasehcreation

Pah of Simply Sewing Room

Hanim of Brown Garden Dream

Have a nice weekends all and happy stitching..............

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


On the April 17th marked our 27th wedding anniversary......... we were happy to be with our three children at BK3. Nothing fancy, just a small gathering and a small feast for lunch cooked by our son (the-chef-to-be by whom major in western food and pastry). The best dish was this.....

Fished out fresh from the sea by hubby during his last trip to Pulau Payar, Kedah.

And Hubby gave me this to spoil me more..... Thanks DIA .... love you true and thro'.......

But the best gift was to be with ALL the family members..... Abah and Mama love you ....... Nia, Darr, Boy.


On our last trip to KL, I brought my FAITHful baby to Petaling Jaya, the SINGER service centre, to see what was wrong with her...... Half heartedly I was saying goodbye to her for the technician could not give me any hope and it was almost the end for her......

Two weeks later they called that she had recovered and could function as usual..... Yeah, I was so happy to get her back and could accompany me as usual. FAITH is the tough type and I will take care of her and be gentle to her this time to be with me till the end.......

Welcome home again FAITH!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

SAL # 5-update

I was trailing hubby on his way to Pulau Angsa, Terengganu and he drop me at BK3..... Hubby went for a fishing trip with friends and his siblings and I would rather stay at home and doing my CS and cooking while waiting for the 2 girls to get home from works.

Happy but a very tiring weekends and today we reached Alor Setar after six days of staying with the children....

Yes my CS SAL project has developed a little bit..... if only I could spent few more days..... and the cottage roof is still hollow.... well soon it will get fixed..... hopefully!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


It is more than two months now hubby is having his freedom and happy organising and preparing for his activities...... so far he had been to the sea to have his rusty skill polished in deep sea fishing... he had done very well. Brought back more than we could consume for two months round.

Not to mention his several trips to the nearby forest with few friends well equipped with necessary gadgets for safety and brought back few items that I don't know what they were.....

Lately he came home with logs......according to him it was used as railway sleepers..... SLEEPERS???? Oh, okay I understand now!

He bought them from a trifted store..... Is there any such stores around here? ..... well.

He replaced the gazebo's floor tiles with that sleepers...... not bad, and I love the look of it since it matches the all timber structure around. But I was wondering how did he carry, cut and placed them to the position now. I knew that he was up to something that day but since I was so busy indoor with my sewing, just have not got the time to visit him outside...... It was done by him alone..... and Dear I love your works and..... you....!

p/s Please notice the stone inserted in between the roots of that plant.... !
I just simply do not understand!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


.............. I did it!

some of my favourite blocks

Monday, 5 April 2010

Reunite...... yet!

Recently I was surprised to received a call from a long lost friend.........ANN. How this blogging thing unites people from next door to world wide...for she found me again through my this page.

When we first met, we were like 2 little fish.... swimming vigorously to conquer the whole pool. That was about few years ago at the local swimming pool and met every Wednesday without fail...... Then when I moved to stay in the Klang Valley we lost contact. Ann came over to our place at BK3 once.....

Look at her tag line.......................

My  Photo a.n.i.Q.u.e
I ve just discovered that sewing can be so much fun .... and I am only a beginner who is still trying to understand how a sewing machine works !

Life move things and human perception too. She has changed a lot I guess...but have not met her yet even now we stay in the same town..... :(

Ann, do come over to my sewing corner..... we have lots more in common this time, apart from gyms, swimming, aerobics, bowling ....... we have sewing to talk about.........!!!!!!

It took me half of my day to complete this. Guess I am getting old that I almost forgot my own tutorials of this pouch..... what a shame!

Hakeem has requested for this blue retro design about a week now and it will be posted today.

I am neglecting my little shop somehow and orders coming was taken by Darr... Thanks Darr!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

BLUE FRIENDS # 1- Baby set

I was rushing this baby set for Puan Hajjah Zaharah's (a neighbour and her second piece) new grandson, due next week.

The design was simple and straight forward but the fabric print and the soft colour enhance the whole setting.

Just some minor applique (the two little lambs and green elephant) on a white-bold for the mattress cover and tiny trimmings for the pillow cases.

Quilted all over with stipple and pebble and the results were a great fluff and lofty...... :)