Monday, 13 October 2008


Sewing corner @ A.Setar and some of fabrics collection

Little working space @BK3

We usually spent so much time doing house chores but it is an endless routine. I assume that I need a space for myself especially to ease my mind and to self motivate after the hard days work at home.

The time I take is 8 t0 9 hours just like when I was working from 9 - 5 before. But at certain circumstances I occupy my whole day and night at my sewing studio just to fulfill my target. With some adjustment accordingly of course. This is to discipline myself.

After completing my everyday housework, with a cup of hot coffee I will register myself to my little office as early as 8am. Earlier if it is rain outside or the weather is not that promising. Once in a while I go to our local swimming pool to have the splash. I love swimming and go to the gym for my aerobic class with some friends. See, I need to ease myself and meet friends too......

Then for the rest of the day, I will pick up the uncompleted works. Look into the scheduled appointments with students and make necessary preparations for their class. Normally I allocate each student about two solid hours... well I can be very flexible at times, depends.

Think that I am very 'lucky' because I do not need to prepare for lunch. Hubby is working in Penang and he has to travel to and fro everyday from Alor Setar. Lunch normally just a light meal like sandwich or some slices of bread or bun will do. But.. it is a necessity to prepare a good dinner for two.... is not that sound wonderful! Even though my cooking is... Mind you that I am off on Sunday just to be with my 'old-man'.

It is beyond words and if we are very passionate about anything, we do it wholeheartedly. Well by just being at my working table, sometimes I do not realise that time flies so fast. Especially to a certain new project.

This is my routine and so engross in my task that I am always lost in my own world.
What say you...... friends?

Students @ work


kueh bakar said...

hui...kalo time bz tu nampaknya akak guna staff bawah umor ni..leh repot kat jabatan buruh ni..kekekek..tak minat bukak kedai ker kak

DiahRothman said...

Ha, ha, ha En KuihBakar buat lawak ke? Tu kan students saya. Blajar x kena charge lagi tuh (cuti sekolah).
Minat mai laa..

MAK TEH said...

assalamualaikum,cik diah,like you ,I too am crazy about craft..kalau la cik diah tinggal berdekatan I'm sure I'll frequent yr place every day..I stumbled yr blog by chance,while browsing looking for ideas..syabas..I'm crazy for pincussions too,have quite a collection of them..tapi byk ni Mak Teh dok belajaq menjahit baju kebaya anjuran kemas kat're in kedah?where?MT-P.Gudang,tapi org perlih..

DiahRothman said...

Salam, Makteh.
Thanks for visiting. Yes we have a lot to talk. Be with you soon.

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Wonderful, indeed, Diah. I have looked at every blog, each and every post and I am so impressed and touched by all that you do! When I looked at the Malaysian blog and could not read the language, the pictures still spoke to me and I enjoyed them all, so much! You do very lovely work and I enjoy all of your posts so very much!!

DiahRothman said...

Thanks Michele,

Quilting is quite new around this region, we have a lot more to venture and learn on techniques and the process that came along with quilting. I am glad and thankful cos lots of quilter-friend are helping out and give motivated advices. You too Michele, thank you so much.

Azie said...

you're so lucky for having your very own 'office' at home. i hope to own one one day. btw, your sewing room ni next to the kitchen ker? i planned my sewing room one day be next to the kitchen, so senang buat keja2 rumah & sewing thingy...

DiahRothman said...

Azie, oh you were seeing my old sewing corner... one in A/Setar and the other one in Bandar Kinrara - Mayang Apartments BK3. Mostly I stay in A/Setar but still spent time in KL... since my children are there.