Tuesday, 16 December 2008


So much pressure and shopping around had been done to get the tones of blue for my this wall hanging clouds area. Within frustrations, i decided on dying my fabrics. Here are the outcome of it. I have a lovely shades of blues for my clouds.

This special Lion and a Little Lamb is for my son (BOY) to be hung on his bedroom wall.

Symbolically we both had created a nostalgic yearnings about the quilt. Curious to know....? Me, the Lion will take care of my Little Lamb (Boy) till the end of my day.. No matter how old he has become he is still my Little Lamb. So Boy has to really take care of this quilt for his generations to come.... I saw the tinge of colours around his eyes, though he was trying hard to conceal it. Well......

Just found the exact source of the design. QUILTMAKER'S Winter 2004 - Special Issue. This is named as MARCH MASCOTS.

Those interested to get the magazine please click the pic to access:

All Time Favorites #10 (Winter 2004) $5.99

* March Mascots - Favorite lion and lamb quilt returns
* Best of Friends
* Christening Quilt - Elegant whole cloth..........and many more

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