Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Organizing your stash

I have promissed on this to few but I am sharing with all......... though, it might not be the best way of keeping fabrics nicely fold and snugly fits your shelves..... but this is how I organize my fabrics after each has been pre-washed or rather a few spin and dried up.

I used a recycle plastic file as a template. But first remove the spiral binder and the plate. Cut it according to your needs and measurements. Mine are 8 inches and 5 inches. Round the edges so it would not catch your precious fabby.

Fold fabric by placing the selvage edges together and put the plastic board on top and start rolling till the end. Just smooth fabric evenly so to save on ironing...Mine are all kept folded inside-out since my sewing area are lighted up naturally from the top ventilator and a bit hot and dry there ...... :D

Let your fabric loose down from your cutting table on the floor... the fabby gives a weight to itself and roll up easily and neatly.

Pull out the plastic board and fold the bundle into two or more and there you have..... a nicely folded stash and stack them up proudly on your shelves...... Fold back the two sized boards and keep them in between your files or cutting ruler organizer for the next folds......

Have a good try and a nice day crafting... everyone!


Yati said...

Kak Dee,
bagus tips ni. Bila dah siap, mesti nampak kemas. Yati punya, semua simpan dalam kotak je. Sebab ada tangan-tangan kecil yang suka meraba. Hehheee....

DiahRothman said...

Yati, harap Yati cuba, dan bolih simpan dlm kotak.... dan senang kalau nak cari corak dan warna kain.

Selamat mencuba Yati.