Monday, 4 July 2011

As is..... on white!

The crib set for Ben and Nurul.

Personally I love all fabric design but best on white like the above, especially for the new born. That applies too, to this new-parents-to-be, their choices were perfect and went for simplicity too......
The bedding set and comforter will be wrapped up with the above diaper stacker, a little token of love from me :)


mamikelate said...

i like !

MamaDaniel said...

sweet kitties... (or rabbits?)..


Alviana said...

oh wow!! baby crib set. i'm in progress on making mine too. k.diah's are truly inspiration. so cute!!

DiahRothman said...

Thanks, mamikelate :)

Rabbits I guess, Zila :)

Alviana, will look forward to see it is done...... for your first baby, sure gonna be a lovely piece!