Sunday, 28 July 2013

Additional ADRS family members

Was so lucky to have grabbed this preloved JANOME sewing machine few months ago with a very good price. It was abandoned by the previous owner after getting a good job and sewing is a no-no thing for her now.....

 This other one is NAKACHIMA model 228.. hu hu... was that from Japan (sounds like one). Anyway it is in good condition and running well. This was from my sister in Ipoh who finally willing to surrender her abandon item when she bought another machine....after more than 20 years living under her bed.... So cruel, eh!

After hard work of polishing, scrubbing and oiling they all added more to my collections and stay harmonised in the ADRS studio

1 comment:

kueh bakar said...

lorr...ingatkan manusia baru tadi..

papepun tahniah kak..

semoga bertambah maju jaya