Thursday, 26 August 2010

FA know how...!

Now what? Diverting myself into something different again?

Way back during younger days and school time I always love the Art class. That was all.......have no ideas and know nothing about this Folk Art.... totally zero and I am willing to learn.

Found this amazing book by the same tutor and author, En Zahir Yusof, during my recent visits to PBS, I know I have to give it a go.......and have read about him through local blogger friends in their entries........I was crucially fell in love to know how or at least about FA.....

Any suggestions and badly need some advice, dear friends.....!


Haslina said...

Kak Diah, I was in Pj some time ago and dropped by Encik Zahir's lovely shop and learnt decoupage from him, since I had time on my hands. A very nice man with such a bubbly personality. DIa tanya tak nak try FA, I said I was lousy at painting, but yes, you learn a lot just by talking to him.

shima said...

salam k diah...tahniah... welcome
wah mesti k diah akan terror sebab memang suka melukis...he he dah ada gang... :)

DiahRothman said...

Haslina dan Shima.... kDee teringin lama dah... cuma nak tumpu belajar tu agak susah buat masa ni.... InsyaAllah akan kDee usahakan!