Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Inherited TREASURE

I was not into sewing lately.....and the agony of not doing so really irritate me .... I filled my time with some hand stitch which I will make an entry later.

Lately I dug up an old SINGER sewing machine which belonged to my late Grandmother which when I googled I found this info. The Registered Numbers EG- 770876, Model no is 15K, manufactured date was August 21, 1951. SINGER SEWING COMPANY "EG" Series Factory Name: Kilbowie' Clydebank Scotland.

Wow, so astonishing and I inherited a living TREASURE!

This machine was transformed from hand-cranked to a foot treadle...... When Granny gave me this I left it mobile at my Mum's place, but my 'smart-brother' modified it, with some explainations saying that his wife did not know how to use it by its original made...... lame excuses!!!!!!

I hate to have lost its hand paddle, the wooden base and box cover ...... very sad and most importantly it has lost its originality!!!!!! I have no idea how long the machine had sat, unused and abandoned in our utility room.

Oh yes, I did not mentioned here before, I have lost my Faith for good this time. She had retired. So, to suit my needs of a good machine I have used my magic wand again and make-over this BLACKIE and I am going to use it now as my favourite sewing machine ..... the rest with be used occasionally now.

Anyone interested for further information regarding Singer Sewing Machine model numbers, please click on the following link

So this is my new companion...... She needs more polishing though. I installed her with plastic body with extra bed and Japan made motor and controller with foot paddle. Please anyone, I need a suitable name for this BLACK BEAUTY of mine....... your suggestions is much appreciated ..... thank you.


Mimi said...

I thought that 'Black Beauty' was the name you chose! I can't think of a better name.

DiahRothman said...

Thanks Mimi..... I could always use other suitable suggested name.... :D