Wednesday, 2 November 2011

HappyGirls - completed

Syukur, this "HappyGirls" was quilted, washed, folded and stored away on time. To make it possible for storing, from the washer I lined it outdoor to dry up and aired for half an hour or so to fluffed it up.

This quilt measures 70" x 58" and completed within 3 days. Quite a simple, easy piecing and quilting.

Will keep it until I found a suitable someone to have it.


SCLover said...

KD... sangat the cantik !!!!!mata ni melilau dok tengok happy girl nih..

NYKOLETT said...

wow,canteks and cepatnye siap..i am sure the person to receive it will be delighted.

suzie said...

csntek...suker kalernyer..

MamaDaniel said...

happy melihatnya!! ceria!!

siapa la yang bertuah tu agaknya ek..?

Precious Crafts said...

Congrats! You managed to complete it b4 Raya Haji! I am most impressed! Salam Aidiladha....:)

DiahRothman said...

SCLover, thanks dear. Simple dan cepat siap desigh ni, Jamilah :)

Rose, simple jer. Tak decide lagi nak buat apa ngan quilt tu...a gift kut!

suzie, kDee pun minat turquoise.

Zila.... kena undi rasa nyer ...:)

Mila@Rimbun said...

cantiknya.. kartun smurf kah itu?

saya suka sangat patchwork pattern camni, senang yet cantik sangat.

DiahRothman said...

Mila, simple dan cepat siap.
Some happy smurf girls, I assumed :)