Monday, 28 February 2011

SAL - Reversible Bucket Bag- #1

The selected tree lovely fabrics for the SAL - Reversible Bucket Bag.
Soon will up date and will get along with the rest of this SAL gang........

Girls, I am right behind you all, soon.

Friday, 25 February 2011

The last piece...... done!

This is the final item summoned by Puan Hajah Zuraida. A lovely embroidered tablecloth on, I always symbolized for white, an innocent color .

One piece...just one piece.
Tonight, if I still have some strength and energy left...... will pack and keep them ready for picked up by SUNDAY or earlier......

And I am off for a short retirement from my sewing corner.

Copy BAG.....??

Another product belongs to Puan Hajah Zuraida. I have the feeling that she loves earth color so much..... she chose mostly of the same brown and the like. This diaper bag too will go along to her new grandson. Just a simple design. Heavy cotton plus PVC (from here) and cotton lining.

Who could distinguish the difference between them.............they are alike...... I mean, almost :)

Well, actually the black bag is my shopping mate. Puan Hajah Zuraida fell in love with this simple and spacious black of mine and requested to have the same. Look at my black, sluggish and distorted......and has no 'body' to it. But both are of the same size and design except for the internal pockets. I lined all external wall of the Brown with thick interfacing and it was real hard to sew..... but it pays off..... durable and very sturdy, indeed.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Blue Strawberry..... a boy's comforter

Here is the other item of the crib set for Puan Hajah Zuraida.

I just love the sweet candy color and simple design and the idea derives from here.

Blue Strawberry..... a boy's crib set.

A blue baby crib set for Puan Hajah Zuraida ....... I have completed this few days ago, plus more items to go along with this. Have yet to upload the pics, later.

Congratulations to the family, having a new grandson is greatly a bundle of joy.......!

the day... alone again

A bit of leisure time till the end of the day today....... Hubby left me for his deep sea fishing again for the second time this month. It is fine, I have the whole of the day by my self... just hope that I do not fall asleep all day through, though :)

Last night I sent Darr off, back to KL. She came home for a short break and attended a job interview............... my pray that she will come to stay with us here in Kedah soon.

I managed to catch this view yesterday at almost dusk. Few shots about Hubby's work.... and some of his driftwood's and logs collections. Most of them has a special place in this little hut of us.

At this special part, abutting the living room, he used a treated log to replace one column and another one, cut into a quarter piece and became the column and frame.

And if you happen to pass by our house you will often see us sipping a cup of coffee (WE SHARE.. :D) and munching some 'cucoq' (kuih-muih) on this platform whereby little pond is right underneath with one baby 'Alligator Gar' fish swims and light splashing of water heard vaguely from little fountain flowing from the house to the outside and falls into the pond..... I love this part of the house the most!

Thanks Dia, for letting me have my hand-stitch projects done here....

I do not know what this plant is named. I missed its blooming flowers lately. But Hubby says it is called "Janggut Nabi Adam"..... ?????

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The fruit of my labor....

It was a tough job sewing this moses basket..... and after struggling and slogging for two days, finally it was done. Alhamdulillah. This is for Puan Hajah Zuraida.

During the constructions, I made sure that this basket wrapper could stands on its own. So the base and wall lining were battered and stippled accordingly and all raw edges were bounded with bias using the same fabrics. The wall lining at the hooded part was shaped to that of the weaved flow of rattan basket.
The hood cover was trimmed with lace and gathered with elastic band and has no batting. To secure it in place, a ribbon was sewn on each sides, and finally it will pair with another one from the wall lining.
To get the fabric consumed less, I replaced the base with bold material...... it hides perfectly well though .... :)

An attempt to sew the binder to all edges after attaching the lace. The lace was sewn taper-off on each end of tie-attachments.

Friday, 18 February 2011

SAL - Reversible Bucket Bag

I have to apologize here to everyone in the SAL........ I am now on head over heel trying to complete some few projects due end of this month, have few meets and seminars to attend and classes to organize and charity works ..... Oh my!

Please girls, just go ahead... will catch up soon..... All the best and sorry Sue.... I will update soon when the flow of my current works subsides a little.......................

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


A work in progress...................a moses basket to get wrapped. Will update soon!


It has, the mattress with kapok insert, an odd size, measuring 5' x 3' x 3" thickness. It is for a new born baby, or maybe for the confinement mother. Not a full set, just two big baby pillow and casings. The other fabric design consists of a standard crib size mattress casing, one small baby pillow and two casings, and two bolster casings for Puan Hajah Jasmani.

The detail of the mattress cover with piping-bias tape surrounds the top edges only.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

An Escaped

I could not run away from my sewing corner for all the reasons in the world...... but I am diverting myself from the embroidery things. Its getting in to my nerves.......I am relieving myself but still on sewing..... In just an hour, my escaped was fruitful cos I made this for me.

Now back to embroidery again...... :)

Anyway, has anyone seen an apple of this color in reality?

Baskets... done!

These baskets were ready about two days ago...... and placed them where I can see
and glance at, everyday while doing some sewing.......
I knew something was missing and they needed some touch....they were just so 'a plain Jane'
.......but that was how the owner Puan Hajah Jasmani, suggested..... simplicity!

Then I sewed up, a white cotton lace on the wrapper, embracing the white baskets. Here they are now....and it is okay I assumed, to add some value to them.

Friday, 4 February 2011


These are part of the task that I am enforcing now......endless tablecloths and pillowcases. One piece at a time and they are queuing patiently to get embroidered!
Add ImageWhilst the machine humming gently besides me........ on the other hand I am getting these basket to get wrapped. Baskets from IKEA and beautiful cotton fabric by owner.....!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

SAL - Reversible Bucket Bag

MyBotang Crafty Corner is organising a sew along for a reversible bucket bag. She has the pattern and step by step instructions and printable version.

I do not know how I missed this before................... but is has just started. Just run over to her site and register...... Its gonna be interesting and fun............ Come on, come along!

the return of MURNI

This girl was missing from my sewing room for many seasons ................... She had just came home from visiting her in laws in Sabah and now is expecting her first baby. Doesn't she look familiar?

If I mentioned MURNIWATI, does it ring a bell.........? She was an x-stuff of Epal and had travelled around Semenanjung to all Epal centres...... She was very famous then.... winning few awards for her creativity and produced some very neat works and a good tutor there. She retires now and a full time housewife.

All was not planned, and she came barging to the house out of the blue..... and I was thrilled. She brought along a bundle of scraps ...................all lovely and yummy designs.

... and I just knew what to do with them all.................... :D