Thursday, 19 January 2012


Pamiran telah berlangsung sejak 1 Januari 2012 di lobby ground level UKIR Mall untuk semua peniaga termasuk lah kdee..... yet kdee kena juga uruskan jahitan dan langsaikan tempahan on the second level of my studio.

As a one womanshow, time is precious to me. My juggling along with all chores and errands and to comply with all sorts of requirements so on and so forth make my each day shorten by few hours it seems. I love and enjoy every minute of enduring my ordeals to the fullest....though :)

......and managed this for
Shamsinar, a complete
set and a usual gift of love for her and baby.....

They are of the same strawberry and yet another is coming along the way... :D


SCLover said...

cantik !! soft + sweet :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

suka sangat tang FMQ tuh... kakD, normally how long it takes for u to finish that size?

aimila said...

cantik sgt kak dee...dah lama tak menjenguk ke sini dan saya tumpang gembira dengan pencapaian dan kejayaan kak dee. Tahniah!!