Tuesday, 24 March 2009


This is another of cherry wrist pouch which was done by our dear Balkhis. She bought the kits quite sometimes ago, but finally she managed to get it sewn last weekend over my sewing room.

I know she has a long list of fans waiting for this pouch.... Well done Khis!

Finished off 1/2 meter of this gorgeous fabric with 4 same designs .... and left me nothing..... to call my cherry pouch.... Bye cherry!

Look at her! She will never let go of her new pouch, even during the photo shoot.... eh?


My Star said...

hehehehe look at my "XXL" fingers. Anyway glad to see u put it up in this blog for i dont have enuff time even material to show in my own quilting blog. Once i have my own blog in this category, i'll probably curi one or two photos from ur blog hehehe ;-)

DiahRothman said...

My Star,
Anything displayed are truly yours....