Saturday, 28 March 2009


This is my last piece for the cherry fabric and it is for a dear friend and I shall post it to her very soon, hoping that she is happy to receive this little gift.

It seems that I have known her for ages and we always give some positive comments and encouraging words regarding our passions on sewing. She is very talented and strive for her best in whatever her ordeal in her craft world... I love her courage.

Who is that lucky girl....... Could it be you? I know I have to be fair to all.... I am trying and everyone has a chance, just sooner or later.


MariaFaizal said...

i am yet to imagine myself 'producing' bags & other beautiful creations you've published. It's a struggle for me,with my first project (buntings), which I thought would be the 'easiest.'

Have a happy weekend.

Janovi said...

Very beautiful bags. My friend wants to teach me but I don't have time to spare!! At the moment, it's up and down KL from Seremban every day! Still have to bring my hubby to the clinic for his physio. Can u teach online??

DiahRothman said...

Like very much to see your first project. Congrats!

DiahRothman said...

Priority to our love ones... Hope he will get well soon.
Right now I am trying to figure out some tutorial for this wrist pouch.. will inform you.

Alviana said...

Kak Diah!!!!!!!!
OMG it's for me! I juz received ur gift just now after got back from work. I cant believe it! It's for me. You have no idea how excited and how thankful i am to received this. It's my first time ever received a gift from a blogger friend. I'm so grateful! Thank you a million time K.diah. I apreciate it soooo much. Ur handmade r sooooo beautiful. Now i can see it closer, it was more beautiful than in the picture. Your stitch r very neat and the fabric is just georgous! Thanks sooooooo much! :D *jumping up and down happily*