Friday, 13 March 2009


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MOFSD Items of The Day - handmade bags

March 12th, 2009

Handmade bags. I’m always at awe at people who can sew, seriously. They are uber talented :) I can sew a button and maybe a torn skirt but that’s it. Even so, it is not the best stitch, crooked here and there. Respect those who can sew and are actually showcasing and selling their items. Today’s MOFSD Items of the day would be handmade bags. I remember writing about Shambijoux's handmade clutches earlier last year and it was a hit. she had too many orders, even I didn’t get any clutch :(

Fret not, we have other alternatives now. Today we will showcase 3 other bag designers who really are hardworking and diligently sewing these cute little bags for us.

Rainbows Republic Bags

Messenger bag, perfect for school :)

Rainbows Republics Bags also have handmade bags designed by Diah Rothman. Prices ranges from RM21-RM67

Some of my designs and collections have been reviewed by EMMAGEM via RAINBOWS REPUBLIC.............



Ariza Craft said...

nice bag. geram jer tgk :P. wajib buat gak nie :P. pattern dh beli, nk tunggu my sifu ajar jer nnti.

DiahRothman said...

Salam Zakia,
Mesti skrang dah lebih pandai buat quilting. Buat la Zakia, nanti tunjuk yer.

Ariza Craft said...

slow skit bljr lh. coz b4 that x pernah sewing pun. pegang sewing machine pun x pernah :P. my sifu pun bz dgn class tudung nye lg. my sifu advise, bljr slow2, nnti boring ...hehehhh.

DiahRothman said...

Zakia, actually Zakia blajar kat sapa ye.. xpe lah kalau x sempat pergi blajar, buat sndiri. Surf dlm tnet, bnyak ilmu yg kita dpat. KD harap Zakia jgn jemu...

Ariza Craft said...

bljr dgn k.zila ( mmg tgh excited skrg nie...hehehh. mcm2 idea in my mind. dh ambik package class kt die. i gune sewing machine yg biase jer, singer 8280.

DiahRothman said...

Oo ZilaKassim.... Happy to hear that you are pursuing well. Harap teruskan
hingga mahir.. banyak lagi yang harus di pelajari... Happy stitching!