Saturday, 25 April 2009

HEXAGON OF HOPE from Malaysia

Well, after a few weeks of fun and leisure finally I came back with a new and fresh attitude. I did continue this for the whole day and it is now out for airing after washing and drying.

All was machine quilted. For freehand quilting definitely I used the darning foot (look closely, I have a broken darning foot, the lever/hook had snapped off few years ago but it is still very faithful to me).

Just simply stippled quilt on all the path except for the 'petals' and feather quilt around the frame.

So, as promised, I am on behalf of all Malaysian, whole-hearted and graciously would like to hand over this to ROBYN. Please give me the details on how to transfer this to its destination..... the Australian Victorian bushfire quilting ladies.


MariaFaizal said...

These are glorious!
Quilting for good causes.
I bought books/magz on quilting recently (those come with free patterns eg Better Homes & Gardens).I realised that it requires 200% passion & patience!Not sure if i'm up to it :D

Cheers sis!

DiahRothman said...

Maria, kebetulan quilt tu belongs to smbody yang minat waktu itu dan ianya terbuang saja, Kd kutip dan siapkan. Mungkin lebih terkesan nilai nya untuk someone yang memerlukan x kira dimana dan siapa mereka.
In the past 9 years this has become a therapy to me... can't do without it. You are absolutely right about its requirements... but worth it. Just imagine when we were no more 'here', the quilt remains .. longer than our span of life.

MamaDaniel said...

kak D.. Tahniah!
i hope that i can quilt for charity too.. but for the time being, a full list of emak, mak mertua, kakak, adik, etc... kaum keluarga, kena fulfilled dulu.. heee...

DiahRothman said...

Zila, thanks.
I was like u 'bout 10 years ago. Full of commitments and working life took almost all our times. Don't take it too hard.

Hobby Mummy said...

kak diah turned out so lovely!! This is great and how wonderful of you to donate it!

DiahRothman said...

KD could not keep it much longer, since I got the opportunity to let it go to the needy, and glad that I did it.

Kualè Girl said...

what a very nice and beautiful one! i like... i pun selalu join for charity quilt many years back. my online quilting guilds swaps heart blocks. we send to a quilter who volunteer to join the blocks (me included) and then to another quilter to do the quilting :) i stop quilting a few years ago because of hectic job, and now just recently i prob starting back.

i am in the mid of drafting a blog post for grandmother's flower garden block swap. i am aiming to make one for myself from long time ago. i'll get you to quilt it of course!... :~)

DiahRothman said...

Kuale Girl,

Have glimpsed thro you blog and you're truly good with your fingers. Have linked you and hope to hear more from you, dear!