Monday, 20 April 2009


I was being naughty during our stay in Penang. We were residing in Telok Bahang but thank God I could escaped with the help of my nephew and nieces to escort me, to Queens Bay Mall for a short window shopping. The distance is about half across the island.

This is what I could grabbed from Borders. I have been looking for this kind of craft book on every stores or book stands that I have visited. Finally.......

Inside this, lots of amazing source:

* beautiful collections of designs
* whimsical illustrations of mischievous fairies and delicate angels
* stylish Art Deco images
* classics motifs
* traditional patterns
* MANY MORE.........

Being naughty is worth the risk!!!! SOMETIMES


.darrr. said...

KL International Book Fair
Date: 17th - 26th April 2009
Venue: PWTC, KL

sempat lagi nak mai sini =P

MariaFaizal said...

I say...
it's worth the risk :D
You have found beautiful, uniqueart materials.Lovei t, love it! AND..I love Penang island too! The place has so much to offer. From food to having great time!

DiahRothman said...

Mama tak dan nak pi kut? Please get smthing for me like usual if u happened to go. Thanks.

joegrimjow said...


Alviana said...

what a cool book! what is it for??

DiahRothman said...

So glad to have it. Great stuff for patchwork projects.
Mamakfoods are my hubby's fav and laksa Penang and cendol pulut are mine.

DiahRothman said...

Thanks for visiting. KakDiah memang ulat buku... Nice blog u have!

DiahRothman said...

This book contains lot of designs. Great for patchworks and can convert them for my traditional embroidery patterns and a guide for painting too and many, many more...