Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I was shocked when I woke up this morning with this huge thing hovering my living room...

This belongs to my dear husband's garden creature. But somehow it got withered away and he was upset about it cos this is one of his best plant that he nurtured day and night.

I simply do not understand plant and its nature (cos I just do not bother to understand). Sometimes (seldom) just help him water his little garden while he is away from town. (Always hope it rains everyday during his absence cos I am lazy to do the watering). Temporarily he put the whole plant in a plastic wrapper and it went inside a huge rattan basket.

Somehow this brown thing, smells like freshly cut grass, and the leaves do not fall off... luckily.

Well, I hope dear husband is happy that he placed this giant in the house for awhile... hope it will disappear soon.


salina said...

disappear dosa tau...cantik pa pokok tu...oo tak tau kata malas siram pokok...hahaha

DiahRothman said...

Salina, thanks for visiting.

According to Hubby the BROWN creature tu merajuk cos another one coming but to be taken by someone ..... jadi dia mematikan diri so its partner tak lah pi kat orang tu... he he he...

Both are happy now together.... SHREK is doing fine and growing fast.
BROWN is faithfully waiting under the porch covered by dust and cobwebs.