Thursday, 30 April 2009



Sandra Den Haag of Quilt At Home will be making a pincushion to swap, it has to be selfmade and you can use any form of textile art you like best. So you can piece, applique it or use stitchery's, woolfelt, make a crochet pincushion. Anything goes and make it the way you like it. Off course don't forget your partner's choice of color.
To this pincushion you should add
- a personal card/letter for your partner
- some stitching supplies to go along with the pincushion worth no more than 5 euro/6 dollars. For example some buttons, thread, needles, ribbons etc Please don't add food/sweets etc because of customs

Other things to remember:
  1. Anyone who loves pincushions and has a blog can enter this Swap
  2. If you participate you must be willing to ship overseas (in case you're assigned an international partner)
  3. You can sign up untill May 10th by sending an email to After signing up, you'll be asked to tell a little bit more about yourself and what you like/dislike.
  4. After signing up you can grab the Swap button and put it on your blog, so all can see you joined us.
  5. Your parcel must be posted before 21st June
  6. Once you have received your parcel from your partner show us what you've received on your blog as soon as you can :0)

We hope no one gets disappointed, lets all stick to these 'rules' and make it a wonderfull swap. She is looking forward to getting to know all those creative blogs & seeing all kinds of selfmade pincushions!!

Care to join them, girls..... get moving now!!!!!


Janovi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The diaper stacker is my own design because I based it on a normal size hanger. I enlarged the teddy bear face from a quilting magazine and added a flower for the girl bear. I love going through your blog. Your handiwork is lovely.

DiahRothman said...

You are so good and have plenty of nice quilt and your fabrics are beautiful. Wonder where you get them from.
How creative and lots of good ideas.

Sandra said...

Hi Diah, I already found your blog.
Thanks for joining our Pincushion Swap!
Have the best day :0)

Hobby Mummy said...

kak Diah - kalau melawat blog kak Diah mesti semangat nak buat macam-macam.

DiahRothman said...

Glad that you found mine. Can't wait for the next step.... and to hear from my buddy.

DiahRothman said...

KD pun masih belajar tentng quilts dan teknik yang lain. Maz memang pandai bermain dengan warna... warna cerah pilihan mata muda Maz. Quilts yang Maz buat semua ceria dan cantik.
Tahniah Maz.