Thursday, 9 July 2009


Just managed to fetch this tag from a dear friend NAIZ. Thanks Naiz! Need to answer all the questionnaires.......

>Nama Timangan Anda (Your nick-name)
Hubby and my children call me Mama. Most of my closest they call me Diah, Cik Diah, KakDee . To the younger generations, I am their Ummi.

>Anda seorang Yang (What type of person are you)
To a newly acquainted friend I am the reserved type... wait till they know me ;-p)... I am the most joyful lady on earth and have ears for everyone!

>Insan Yang Teristimewa (Your most beloved)
Love of my heart are my Husband and my children...... and the rest of family members and all my friends..... ESPECIALLY all the blogger!

>Lagu Kesukaan(Fav songs)
Melancholic, blues and reggae

>Makanan Kesukaan Anda (Fav Foods)
Spicy .... no, no to cold stuff, got cold-brain

>Sikap Yang Buat Anda Stress (Someone's Attitude That Makes You Stress)

>Warna Kegemaran Anda (Fav Colours)
Red and Black

>Benda Yang Mesti Ada Dalam Henbag (A must in your handbag)
My purse, hand phone, personal cards, pen and notebook

>Kali Terakhir Anda Menangis (Last cried)
Few days ago..... was given something precious!

>Tag Untuk rakan anda (Tag your friends)
Like to forward this to 5 dearies and newly known blogger:-

  1. Balkhis
  2. Darr
  3. Angeliquez
  4. Diesha
  5. HaniSyahida

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