Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Robyn from the DAISY QUILT challenge us to make our own version of our own little owl using the guidelines she has provided.

The above is Robyn's version..... her OTTO THE OWL

Make your little owl before the 20th December, and few basic rules...... walk over to her blog to join the fun....... I took the challenge even though I am very poor with my stitchery.... see what will come out..... or I will get me disappointed ..... :0)


MariaFaizal said...

do u get to keep the owl that you made? just wondering how these challenges work.

any prize - as in competition?

Can't wait to see the outcome :) Have a happy December sis...

DiahRothman said...

Maria dear, just a little-in-between I made this cute owl. It is for us to keep... and not so much on the rewards but participation counts!

Glad constantly you are back here to visit me.... Take care dear, and may Allah bless you and family.

Robyn said...

Dear Diah and Maria,
Just a little note to let you know, that I will choose 3 little owls from all of those made and I will be sending the owls' owners a F4 and some buttons and beads from my own stash.
Just a little something, but the owls are very fun to make.
Robyn xx

DiahRothman said...

Robyn dear, we have acknowledged the wonderful gifts intended for the winner....will try my best and post here my OWL..... :)

My Rayyan said...

KD pi cepat2 siapkan burung antu hikhik

DiahRothman said...

Cik Kema, dah siap satu tapi 'neat' sangat..... cam nak buat lain jer... tengok lah kalau ada masa lagi nak buat sekor lagi... :)