Saturday, 28 March 2009


Finally I have some lovely fabrics to substitute my little red cherries for the wrist pouch....

Today I strolled round town to get some suitable fabrics, and found an english roses and abstract designs. Return home and produced these little beauties ... 3 completed to my surprise.

These are for my daughter DARR's blog. She manages my little shop (I neglect my shop for quite sometimes). Many more to sew and decide to concentrate on this design and give a priority.


This is my last piece for the cherry fabric and it is for a dear friend and I shall post it to her very soon, hoping that she is happy to receive this little gift.

It seems that I have known her for ages and we always give some positive comments and encouraging words regarding our passions on sewing. She is very talented and strive for her best in whatever her ordeal in her craft world... I love her courage.

Who is that lucky girl....... Could it be you? I know I have to be fair to all.... I am trying and everyone has a chance, just sooner or later.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Enrolled myself to the Women Institutions (WI), a non-government-organization, since I came back to stay at Alor Setar. A lot have I learned and gained from this society whereby we move mostly for charity and fun raising activities.

The projects that we did last weekend was about crafting namely decoupage, molding and patchworks and occupied the whole day.

Actually we learned the basics of how-tos only. The rest have to be our own creativity and by next month during our annual meet we have to display our crafty works and a small reward will be given to the most creative projects.

Well, ladies start using your magic fingers........!


This is another of cherry wrist pouch which was done by our dear Balkhis. She bought the kits quite sometimes ago, but finally she managed to get it sewn last weekend over my sewing room.

I know she has a long list of fans waiting for this pouch.... Well done Khis!

Finished off 1/2 meter of this gorgeous fabric with 4 same designs .... and left me nothing..... to call my cherry pouch.... Bye cherry!

Look at her! She will never let go of her new pouch, even during the photo shoot.... eh?

Thursday, 19 March 2009

REVIEWED BY Your Shopping Kaki

Rainbows Republic
*handmade bags galore!*

Wrist pouches
(including postage)

The right outfit may take you so far, but the right bag will put you in the perfect cheerful mood! :D These handmade wrist pouches are super adorable, aren't they? ;)

~Hope your Mondays will be a little more colourful, instead of just blue!~

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

Look at those............... they are mine! Reviewed by Your Shopping Kaki via Rainbows Republic . I am so happy .......


Can't wait to post here the outcome of the hexagon treasures that I found about a few months back. After few trials I finally decide that I should distribute the flowers evenly because there are not enough flowers with the same fabrics or design, and it looked scattered and very busy.

Although in the first place I thought I could maintain its original design... I just could not get a satisfaction for not distributing it even and wisely... I used up all the flowers and add up 2 sets more to make it into this single quilt top.

Anyway here goes the almost done piece.... yet to add the edges which was half way through. Very much hope that I can get it complete the soonest as promised......!

Friday, 13 March 2009


Featured by Emmagem!

MOFSD Items of The Day - handmade bags

March 12th, 2009

Handmade bags. I’m always at awe at people who can sew, seriously. They are uber talented :) I can sew a button and maybe a torn skirt but that’s it. Even so, it is not the best stitch, crooked here and there. Respect those who can sew and are actually showcasing and selling their items. Today’s MOFSD Items of the day would be handmade bags. I remember writing about Shambijoux's handmade clutches earlier last year and it was a hit. she had too many orders, even I didn’t get any clutch :(

Fret not, we have other alternatives now. Today we will showcase 3 other bag designers who really are hardworking and diligently sewing these cute little bags for us.

Rainbows Republic Bags

Messenger bag, perfect for school :)

Rainbows Republics Bags also have handmade bags designed by Diah Rothman. Prices ranges from RM21-RM67

Some of my designs and collections have been reviewed by EMMAGEM via RAINBOWS REPUBLIC.............


Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Dear ALVIANA and SYARIFAH has nominate my blog with this wonderful award and I feel very thrilled, honored and appreciate it so much.

Alviana said "Kak Diah Rothman at ADR'S Treasures. She's the one who inspired and motivate me to start my first quilt. She have a huge collections of beautiful quilts :)"

Syarifah said "Kak Diah - her collection of quilts n different kinds of bag gives me lots of ideas. Her superb creativity up till end product really inspired me."

"Dearest Alviana and Syarifah you both are talented and very dedicated to your sewing and I simply admire your works in your own way, and you have a lot of courage to venture into something new and full of spirits of life......."

The rules:

  1. Place the award logo on your blog.
  2. Nominate 10 other blogs which show "Attitude and/or Gratitude"
  3. Link to the nominees on your blog post.
  4. Comment on their blog that you have nominated them.
  5. Share the love and link to the person who nominated you

Here's some blogs for the awards with no particular order :

1.JARUM DAN BENANG Natrah Norlin, a simple person who loves :: knitting ::crochet::sewing::cross stitch and all types of art & craft

2. DUNIA MUSLIHA A simple girl who loves to do craftworks and so exited to try anything under the sun and loves to do anything possible ..... Love to read her blog because she is so cheerful and full of ideas to portray on her blog.

3.BE BEAUTIFUL Simply known as LILY11 . Just drop by her blog and we have a lot of informations that sometimes we overlooked unintentionally...I love this blog very much.

4. JANOVI A creative quilter and very talented lady. Like to see her tidy works and her creations are awesome and beautiful.

Feel free to visit these blogs and really hope they are happy with this award.....

Monday, 9 March 2009


Look at my fabric collections...... Aren't they pretty? Yes, all are lovely and the colors are so sweet. If I say I bought this, I know no one believes....

Well everybody knows I can't afford to buy all those lovely materials especially which carry a good and big names. Seriously I just can't afford......

But I am the luckiest lady and the happiest too......

Received this packed box from Lani Clayton Laskowski, a happy blogger from USA. Do visit her blog. She lives life to the fullest and she laughs a lot and good at telling her everyday life stories. It has been quite a while that I follow her blog and became her fan cos she really has a good sense oh humor.

She send me all those beautiful fabrics ........and I was so touched...... Thanks Lani. I do not know how to say my gratitude and could thank you enough for those lovely gifts..... But I will remember you..... always.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


My February piece has the same concept as before. Since Feb, has only 28 days in a month, I have my one piece bigger than the rest to have a good square throughout considering the same number of days (have yet to include the frame around the block). I choose shades of green since February had done so much in my life, just to cool and tone it down........

Friday, 6 March 2009


Lately I was a bit slow and not much sewing had been done due to the absence of my baby. It was being sent for services and just came back today after about two months of being admitted to ICU for major operations.....

Love this old beauty so much, even though lately she could not run at high speed and I had spend so much in keeping her in good health. But still love her dearly since twenty years ago.....being so faithful to me and be my good companion since then.

Wonder if I should let her rest now....... but I have so much things to sew...... and need her services more than the rest..... (she has few siblings down her that could accommodate better services).

Well, as had planned before I think I will take her to BK3 to stay with my kids and have a good rest ...... and wait there until my return!

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Today I received this wonderful gifts from an Artist friend, ZAKIA of ARIZA-CRAFT all the way from Kajang. She draws and paints very beautifully and really admire her talents. Lately she fell in love with quilting...... may be she could be a great quilter as well.

Zakia, thanks a lot for the lovely gifts.

She hand painted the tissue wooden box with hydrangeas and lovely roses and also a little gift (wayang kulit bookmark) from Jakarta. Thanks, once again keep in touch!