Thursday, 30 April 2009



Sandra Den Haag of Quilt At Home will be making a pincushion to swap, it has to be selfmade and you can use any form of textile art you like best. So you can piece, applique it or use stitchery's, woolfelt, make a crochet pincushion. Anything goes and make it the way you like it. Off course don't forget your partner's choice of color.
To this pincushion you should add
- a personal card/letter for your partner
- some stitching supplies to go along with the pincushion worth no more than 5 euro/6 dollars. For example some buttons, thread, needles, ribbons etc Please don't add food/sweets etc because of customs

Other things to remember:
  1. Anyone who loves pincushions and has a blog can enter this Swap
  2. If you participate you must be willing to ship overseas (in case you're assigned an international partner)
  3. You can sign up untill May 10th by sending an email to After signing up, you'll be asked to tell a little bit more about yourself and what you like/dislike.
  4. After signing up you can grab the Swap button and put it on your blog, so all can see you joined us.
  5. Your parcel must be posted before 21st June
  6. Once you have received your parcel from your partner show us what you've received on your blog as soon as you can :0)

We hope no one gets disappointed, lets all stick to these 'rules' and make it a wonderfull swap. She is looking forward to getting to know all those creative blogs & seeing all kinds of selfmade pincushions!!

Care to join them, girls..... get moving now!!!!!


Today I am in the mood of dusting off my sewing room. Apart from extracting dust and pieces of stash from my few treasures, I found some UFT (UnFinishTop) stare mercifully at me from the top of my shelves. Not that I am unaware of their existent, but try to ignore ....... quite a while then.

One top down from its friends.

This was chosen when I saw our dear friend Mus is blogging about this design. Quite similar to hers and she requested that I post mine too. Take this opportunity to complete it.

I have sewn this sweet queen top for eldest daughter SITI DANIA (Nia) about a year ago. Was put aside until recently Nia found a suitable fabric design for backing and bought it for me to complete hers.

Well Mus, lets complete ours...............

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


An award from my creative and blogger friend Via and Sharifah. Thanks a lot. I have no particular person to award this. Everybody is good individually and everybody deserve this.


This is my post to the COME OVER TO MY HOUSE CHALLENGE for block 4 and the pic of my Jarene's.

DiahRothman's Block 4

by DiahRothman

Block4 (Jarene's Country Home) has the tint of bright colour to enhance my other blocks.


This pinky square is for March. Not much of pink colour collections though, and some of them were sewn together to give some good strips. I am way behind, and catching up soon.


I was shocked when I woke up this morning with this huge thing hovering my living room...

This belongs to my dear husband's garden creature. But somehow it got withered away and he was upset about it cos this is one of his best plant that he nurtured day and night.

I simply do not understand plant and its nature (cos I just do not bother to understand). Sometimes (seldom) just help him water his little garden while he is away from town. (Always hope it rains everyday during his absence cos I am lazy to do the watering). Temporarily he put the whole plant in a plastic wrapper and it went inside a huge rattan basket.

Somehow this brown thing, smells like freshly cut grass, and the leaves do not fall off... luckily.

Well, I hope dear husband is happy that he placed this giant in the house for awhile... hope it will disappear soon.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

HEXAGON OF HOPE from Malaysia

Well, after a few weeks of fun and leisure finally I came back with a new and fresh attitude. I did continue this for the whole day and it is now out for airing after washing and drying.

All was machine quilted. For freehand quilting definitely I used the darning foot (look closely, I have a broken darning foot, the lever/hook had snapped off few years ago but it is still very faithful to me).

Just simply stippled quilt on all the path except for the 'petals' and feather quilt around the frame.

So, as promised, I am on behalf of all Malaysian, whole-hearted and graciously would like to hand over this to ROBYN. Please give me the details on how to transfer this to its destination..... the Australian Victorian bushfire quilting ladies.

Monday, 20 April 2009


I was being naughty during our stay in Penang. We were residing in Telok Bahang but thank God I could escaped with the help of my nephew and nieces to escort me, to Queens Bay Mall for a short window shopping. The distance is about half across the island.

This is what I could grabbed from Borders. I have been looking for this kind of craft book on every stores or book stands that I have visited. Finally.......

Inside this, lots of amazing source:

* beautiful collections of designs
* whimsical illustrations of mischievous fairies and delicate angels
* stylish Art Deco images
* classics motifs
* traditional patterns
* MANY MORE.........

Being naughty is worth the risk!!!! SOMETIMES


Last 2 weeks we were quite busy with our niece's wedding, which took place in Ampang. The wedding reception was such a wonderful gathering for all family members. A lot of memories and each one of us took an important roll in whatever we could contribute and participate to make, our darling princess SITI AMINAH, the bride's dream comes to reality...

Personally I was attracted to many things but the best was this delicious yummy cake and the sweet, soothing and therapeutic smell of fresh flowers everywhere... the natural fragrances. Lovely.....

The other thing was these other cousins that have yet to decide and queue and register their names to be the next victims.

Last weekends we were off to Pulau Pinang at the Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, to attend the wedding reception there. These are some of their pics.

All the best and congratulations to SYED MOHD NAUFAL BARAKHBAH BIN SYED AZHAR and his beloved wife SITI AMINAH BINTI DATO' SHAHABUDIN.

Do love each other dearly........ pick and gather your happiness as you walk hand in hand in life as it goes on...... my prayer to both of you. Aminnnnn.

Friday, 17 April 2009


Apart from other activities that I face each day I managed to make these subsequently for DARR to cater for her blog.

She requested for two sizes each fabric designs.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


In the process of quilting there are many types of basting methods. Traditionally quilts were basted using tread and needle, however here I used safety pins instead. For this project a quarter of an inch fiber were laid internally and placements of safety pins basted quarter-section in parallel rows in opposite directions were adapted throughout about 5" apart each rows.

The basting took place on my prep-table since it is a single and the table could just accommodate the project by quarterly process.

It is necessary to roll or fold the quilt for machine-quilting. This is done by using a free motion method. In my case since I have an ample space I let it loose for easier turning since I used the stitching in the ditch and tracing down the shape of each flowers.

The quilting was done using my other 'old-faithful', the embroidery machine which with my magic wand I transformed it to straight stitching machine for quilting.

The quilting is half way through and I need a lot of courage to really sit and sew...... !

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


From my previous post I did mentioned
that I made two identical sets of tea cosy for our local WI meets and I submitted only one set.

See all bright yellows and I love this colour dearly.

Well, actually I am not that hard working old girl......................... I made this tea cosy REVERSIBLE! So what say you?


This is my post to the COME OVER TO MY HOUSE CHALLENGE for block 3 and the pic of my Jimmy's place.

DiahRothman's Block 3

by DiahRothman

Block 3 (Jimmy's Place) has the slight colour contrast from the previous blocks, just to give a little variation. Hope it blends well.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


Do I call myself lucky or I have magic fingers..... whatever it is, I have won several categories in our annual meet which was held on Saturday, last week.

Firstly, look what I have done to my sewing table. Tsunami has just arrived!!!!

All the tiny details...... and make full use what ever within reach.

It turns out to be this flower arrangements.

This is a simple sets of tea cosy. Later on I will show another one similar to this.

This was done during the tutorials. As we did not have some of the necessary items to do at home , every thing was done in-si-tu.

Well, this is the result...........
All in three little red envelopes.
This means a lot to me though.