Thursday, 30 July 2009


Okay update terkini dari blog Balkhis sila rujuk.

KakDee ada beberapa contoh yang sesuai untuk kita refer sebagai panduan untuk kombinasi warna dan warna tengah bunga .....Sila comments KakDee akan cuba jawab sedaya upaya....

Tinggal 1 hari lagi untuk undian...... siapa lah yang menjadi orang yg bertuah tu........!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Salam semua.

KakDee minta maaf kerana lambat reply dan buat entry tentang template hexagon seperti yang dijanjikan.

Kita ambil ukuran seperti digambar tertera. Yang nak buat sendiri master copy untuk hexy template bolih refer di sini, sangat mudah..... Penting ketepatan dan guna template (master copy) ni dan terap banyak2 keatas kertas..... mesti tepat.

Yang gambar di atas tu pun KakDee buat sendiri dengan alat 'COMPASS' tu.

>Ukur 1.15" dan buat bulatan atas kertas yang agak tebal supaya tidak mudah koyak.
>Guna ukuran yang sama (1.15") bahagi 6 ikut bulatan.
>Garis dari bucu ke bucu.
>Terap banyak2 guna template mastercopy atas kertas sederhana tebal, gunting.
>Siap template kita.

Monday, 27 July 2009


Hello to all!!

The Hexagon Games is just around the corner and very soon a lucky girl will get her parcels flowing over her door steps.

Okay, there are few clarifications to be made before we proceed, if possible by early/mid August.

Firstly, please make it exactly 2" side-to-side templates. Think Balkhis will email to all or visit here and print to size.

2. The flowers that we are making. I prefer that we use assorted fabrics' colour to reduce our piling up stash. And through my experience, the yellow/orange for flower-centre will make a beautiful Grandma-Flower-Garden. Or other alternative like in the pics, please suggest or comments at Balkhis's blog. The best paper piecing tutorials and my favourite is here and like to share with everyone. Yes, what about the template, should we remove them .... it is earsier to sew all flowers together with paper still intact.

3. The postage. For me my choice is the Pos Express. Have tried to insert all 10 pieces in the RM3/= envelope, fits nicely and post instantly (hate to queue). Or is it costly?.Please suggest!

4. Please voice out anything. Clear off the clouds from your mind, we shall discuss and shoot to start.......soooooooon!!!!

Saturday, 25 July 2009




1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

Thank you very much Shima for these lovely awards. Nice knowing someone as vibrantly cheerful, loads of courageous effort like you are, even though you are quite new in this field. Hope on your path along this quilting passions you could brilliantly accept the challenges and strive to grab your goal.... just be patience.... you will get 'paid' with the lovely finished products....!

2) Pass the award to other blogs that you have newly discovered. Remember to contact the blogger to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

The best blog that I can't resist visiting is Alviana's . She is very talented and her courage could move a mountain..... Just have a constant visit to what she has accomplished and we could get motivated by the creative juices flowing out of her fingers .......Seeing is believing.... and to me she is simply individual with personality!

Thursday, 23 July 2009


It was rained outside and just the right time to make another wrist pouch for someone.

I took the opportunity to make another extra pieces for my little shop which had been left neglected quite sometimes. Finished 3 before I went for a nap in the sound of pouring rain outside.....hope it was only drizzled...

So fatigued after dusting my sewing room....

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Just divert to something cute and fast to boost the next quilt project.

Anything hexagon came across I will grab.... and here are few tiny-tots pincushions completed within few hours of leisure time on my sewing table while chatting with FIDA

The tutorials are found here in PDF files.

P/S As requested by those participating in Balkhis's HexyGame, I am personally will include one cutie-hexy-pincushion to all players...... in one conditions..... everyone must say YES! or nak, nak, nak like Shima did!

Monday, 20 July 2009


As a member of The Great Hexagon Quilt - Along, we were invited to participate in the POT LUCK, starting this July and the theme for this month is Scrappy Summery florals.

So these are my first two pieces for POT LUCK HEXIES. Will wait for the draw and will send off these to the lucky lady...... good luck to me!

P/S ......As per draw for July, the winner is Christine Cohrs. Congratulations!! My these 2 little hexy will fly to Australia for her to adjoin with the rest and will get its transformation soon! Can't wait to see the final products...

...... Christine e-mailed me on August 15th. that she had received my hexies with some other goodies. Glad they fell in the right hands.

Friday, 17 July 2009


This is my post to the COME OVER TO MY HOUSE CHALLENGE for block 7 and the pic of my Lydia's House

DiahRothman's Block 7

by DiahRothman

I was surprised that we have an early design for this month... and managed to just a quick whip on this. Use up some blues for Lydia's House.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Thank God I managed to finish off this on time before Nia returns to Alor Setar next week. Like tons of burden had been lifted off my shoulder, cos I have been dragging this far too long!!!

This sweet beauty measures 103 inches x 92 inches, 3/4 inch thick batting and 'graciously' weights about 4.5 kilograms. This is Nia's 'third' quilted comforter and all specifications to her requirements....... but wonder why DOUBLE.......mmmmm!

While struggling with the quilting I dreamt that I have a quilting machine mounted on a quilting frame and smoothly glide on the top and quilt till I wilt......... my day dream!

Well Nia, it is yours!


Remember the little baby penguin for the pincushion swap....... she is with Carol Hansen ....... having a great time.

Hatched here in Malaysia, flew on her own to Tennessee of USA and now in Britain....... well, how lucky she is!

P/S This has been updated by Carol..... look at her........ guess she is enjoying herself right now....... Wait for the next infor, and Carol is going to register and name her ..... not sure American or British resident!
>> Carol has updated this cutie and named her 'Babette' . Now in London and she will be visiting 'The Buckingham Palace' ....... Happy journey Babette.... take care!
(I want to be a penguin ... who wants to adopt me, so that I can travel toooo..... )

Monday, 13 July 2009


Hello everybody! Attention Please....!!!!!! Especially the HEXY LOVERS!

Wow, I have good news here........ HEXAGON GAMES!

Balkhis calls it KUTU on hexagons....... do visit her blog or the button above to have further details of this games....... we are going to have fun and could complete one quilt in no time...... TOGETHER !

Maybe we can make THIS in our own home and at our own time with combination of fabrics from our friends.... isn't it fun?

Hope to have a good respond from all our dear friends!


It's open for registration, Helen's hosting this fun swap.

Click on the badge on the right to register. Please read the rules, they're a very challenging swap!

I have registered, come along ......

Thursday, 9 July 2009


These special awards were given by a talented crafter Haida. Thanks Haida......


Just managed to fetch this tag from a dear friend NAIZ. Thanks Naiz! Need to answer all the questionnaires.......

>Nama Timangan Anda (Your nick-name)
Hubby and my children call me Mama. Most of my closest they call me Diah, Cik Diah, KakDee . To the younger generations, I am their Ummi.

>Anda seorang Yang (What type of person are you)
To a newly acquainted friend I am the reserved type... wait till they know me ;-p)... I am the most joyful lady on earth and have ears for everyone!

>Insan Yang Teristimewa (Your most beloved)
Love of my heart are my Husband and my children...... and the rest of family members and all my friends..... ESPECIALLY all the blogger!

>Lagu Kesukaan(Fav songs)
Melancholic, blues and reggae

>Makanan Kesukaan Anda (Fav Foods)
Spicy .... no, no to cold stuff, got cold-brain

>Sikap Yang Buat Anda Stress (Someone's Attitude That Makes You Stress)

>Warna Kegemaran Anda (Fav Colours)
Red and Black

>Benda Yang Mesti Ada Dalam Henbag (A must in your handbag)
My purse, hand phone, personal cards, pen and notebook

>Kali Terakhir Anda Menangis (Last cried)
Few days ago..... was given something precious!

>Tag Untuk rakan anda (Tag your friends)
Like to forward this to 5 dearies and newly known blogger:-

  1. Balkhis
  2. Darr
  3. Angeliquez
  4. Diesha
  5. HaniSyahida

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Today I hope to continue doing some quilting for Nia's double, but for a starter I made something small and fast.The idea came up quite sometimes now...... but..... no buts now, MUST do it!!

I hate to see my handphone with dirty or oily screen (sure verybody does too) and try to fine a solution...... THEN I came up with this.

Within one hour managed to complete this 4 dangling hexagons........ 'my wipers'! :p) . The other set is for my scissors.
P/S Used 1/2" sided hexy with 1" long leather strip to string the two hexy together.

Monday, 6 July 2009


Bought these beautiful pieces from Affeen Decoupage weeks ago. Just try to divert a little bit to another angle of crafting......

Plan to do something small for some gifts or just to pamper and indulge myself to other relaxing stuff. I do need some helps from Decoupage Expertise to guide me, though. I just knew a little of basics and Affeen had given me some guidance and few important tips..... Thanks Affeen!

Anyway I shall try my very best! See later, what is the outcome.......!

Saturday, 4 July 2009


The Baby Penguin I made for Pincushion Summer Swap to
Carol Hansen of Tennessee has finally knocking at her door.

These are few items that I've included in her parcel all in one goodie bag.... So glad she likes them all.


I did a bloghopped today and landed myself at Erin. First intention was to survey the Pincushion Swap that we both entered and got it done with, and found this...

The Good Ol’ Summertime Mini Quilt Swap

"Make a Summer-inspired mini quilt to send to your partner. It can be pieced, appliqued, or both. The choice is yours. However, if your partner entered any preferences when they registered for the swap, this information will be sent to you.

Minimum size is 12″x12″ and the maximum size is 24″x24″, any size or shape in between. Don’t forget to include to add a label to your quilt."

read more about this swap click here.

to join this swap, register yourself here. (before July 6th)

to see participants list click here.( Me @ #166)

last but not least, join the swap Flickr Group!

Well, have another few days to join ..... I am in....come on now,friends!
Thanks Erin!