Friday, 28 May 2010

MACRAME part 2

When I left the craft hall that day my bag looked like this. With long strands of cords dangling. Mostly the dark colours showed, since I have used most of the lighter one to make the bag body. That was supposed to be the length of our little hand bag.

Being me, against wastage, I continued to add more knots down and extended the handle length to suits. It turns out another design that could hold more goodies than the previous ..... sorry Fariza, our tutor.

Apart from that, the base was done personally by me, with the help of the few pics taken during the class. And laid inside a lining and a pocket...I just can't wait to carry it around and farther more we have to display them at our WI booth during the Hari Penyayang 2010 .

Now I have few to complete from other participants by whom they too would like to complete theirs...... And I am just helping them though......!


Aneesah said...

Love it! :D Would be interesting to make it out of another material (yg nampak rustic and natural sikit) and colour. But this result pun lawa sangat2. ^__^

DiahRothman said...

Salam Aneesah. This design is the simplest and quite easy, just that it took days to complete due to the repeated formations of knots....How I wish we could get some other materials for substitution.

Ha, the colour is not mine at all... mind you when you carry this around Alor Setar another 14 people will have the same pink too.....;)

Take care Dear..... all the best!

Hanim said...

Salam Diah,..nice. I know a litle of macrame craft ni,..used to do it looong ago. It's back though. Still have the old books on it.

I'm amazed and truly happy for you for all the knowledge that you acquired and never fail to produce wonderful results.

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

I dont know how you did it but i love the choice of colors !! and again your works are always neat

Cantik !

Alviana said...

k.diah~ this craft is very new to me. my first time seeing this. and i think i love it. how awesome. love to learn someday :)

ur color choice is lovely. i love pink. keep doing it! :)

DiahRothman said...

Hanim, thanks.

Way back that time we used the white cord 'Mr Cordy' and designs were limited, apart from which was extracted from craft books.
Why not give it a try again, Hanim...

DiahRothman said...

Ann, thanks.... nak belajar, bolih!!!

DiahRothman said...

Thanks Alviana!!!!!

Yes, it is worth learning... lots of awesome design in the net.....!