Saturday, 1 May 2010


Not really am I a gadget or tool lady for sewing but these two accessories really help a lot in reducing stress due to repeated tasks.

Do you hate to hide your threads inside your quilts? Is it an annoying step that you just can't stand? Hiding your quilting threads can take a little while to get used to. Most quilters just anchor their stitches with several stitches in one place, then clip off the thread tails. I save my time and still hide all of my threads by using this needle! The self-threading needle, or a needle that has an open notch at the top and pop your threads into the eye easily.

These needles are great for sewers with thread handling or vision challenges too. The small opening at the top of the needle allows the thread to pass through without squinting or straining your eyes. Simply draw thread down the opening, and it is threaded.

Another great help is this thread wax and is much more pliable and less likely to knot up my thread. Making great finishing, waxed cotton thread is perfect for hand sewing on a quilting project especially for binding your quilts.

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