Thursday, 7 May 2009


It was not planned that we (hubby and I) traveled our way to KL again last weekend. We took a bus since hubby had never tried on one before and after my first (with Najwa) and literally narrated the luxurious coach and we could have a pleasant journey, he agreed. We went there to visit bro-in-law at Institute Jantung Negara for his by-pass surgery done last Monday. He is doing fine now and progressing fast for he is an active chap. Thank God!

Well as usual, the first thing that I grabbed was my take-along-set of my hexy project. For six hours journey we managed to acquire a lot. WE????? Hubby did some sewing too..... of course he can sew.... (can't prove to you cos promised would not show the pics of him sewing). We had great times together and we could talk a lot and mesmerising our happy moments this past years >>>>>>

Deep in side, I missed my shopping or rather hopping around KL........ as we spend most of our times at IJN.

But lucky me cos my girls did it for me..................... so, so happy....

See what they had bought for me. Till now I do not understand why they bought these items for.......

This mushroom thing is for darning.... it helps me a lot to avoid pricking my fingers during that process.

The sewing book is okay.

But the beading book ???????????

The tools set ??????????

............ help!!!!!!!!!!!



mama alicianorman said...

kak diah datang kl ye..?..hehe

DiahRothman said...

Fida, tak sempat nak jalan2 mana pun. Nama pun tengok orang sakit kan! Mmmm....
Fida bila nak pindah rumah baru... dalam proses lagi ker?

MariaFaizal said...

What a lovely set of gifts that you've got.But i like the part your dear hubby was sewing together with you BEST!

The only & only activity(err...apart from the 'other'one :) that my hubby & I share compassionately is doing Online IQ test (we're such dorks, he he..)

Have a great weekend sis.

DiahRothman said...

Maria, I was quite reluctant to go in the first place, since my sewing are piling up. But my this Bro-in-law at one time had taken my second girl under his custody at Alor Setar for her SPM. We owed that to him. Well, all in all, everything was worth it... He is getter better now, and starts preaching as usual. He is the pious type...Well!