Friday, 22 May 2009


The whole of last week was my rest day of sewing..... Just sewing?

But my kitchen had turned upside down!

My eldest and youngest came back for a week and they have big appetite and a good flair for foods. In fact I was happy to cook whatever they craved for........ (Mind you I am not good at cooking, but some how I managed). They went back yesterday morning.

Then I hopped for some fabrics and zippers in town, came home and did some pattern and fabric cutting. Complete this today for Nia's old buddy. Could not get the paisley fabric design she asked for all this while...but was lucky, got it yesterday and done with it!
> All cotton with lining and pockets internally.
> magnetic snap fastener


MariaFaizal said...

This is such a beautfiul fabric,hence gorgeous bag!

Owh I envy who ever gets it! :D

mama alicianorman said...

askm kak diah..apa khabar?..lama tak ber Hi Hi ngan kak diah..heheh

DiahRothman said...

Maria dear,
It is beautiful fabric indeed. The design was done a year ago with some adjustment of size. Worth the waiting!

DiahRothman said...

W'salam Fida,
Walaupun lama tak Hi Hi tapi KDee selalu lawat rumah Fida, ketuk-ketuk pintu tak ada tuan rumah :-)
Alhamdulillah sihat. Datang la ziarah sini selalu....

Alviana said...

very cute bag. the color so lovely and i love paisley too :)

DiahRothman said...

Alviana, thanks.

We, the whole family, have been collecting paisley design for more than I can remember. My kids call it "bentuk telinga". All staff related to paisley if we can afford it we must grab. But as for cotton fabrics, at times, the price of this design is very high. Sigh!

Liana Abdullah said...

Yeay..this post was about my bag.!Thanks aunty for this wonderful piece. I couldnt ask for more! ~ yana.