Thursday, 28 May 2009


In my attempt to fluff my this treasured quilt, it drizzled outside and had to transfer it indoor.

Just to recall old times when we stayed in BK3 and kids were in college, I managed to do this to unstashed, way back in 2002.

This king size quilt is quite an interesting project for those who find it hard to quilt in a bulk and have limited quilting space. And the best part is, it is a-quilt-as-you-piece project or foundation piecing, means that we laid 3 layers together and sew the additional pieces and it will form the quilt. Stacked all up and join the pieces by hand-finishing.

I used this great technique from JUDY TURNER from her book Awash With Colour. The pics from Australian Patchwork & Quilting Annual 2002 Vol 9 No 11 Page 58.


ainaa said...

cantiknyer kak...kagum sungguh ngan bakat akak..

MariaFaizal said...

I love anything country.
This quilt definitely has the look I love...

Cheers sis!

DiahRothman said...

Syukur pada pemberian Nya. Setiap seseorang ada kelebihan masing-masing... Ainaa juga.

DiahRothman said...

This is easy and fun to do.... have a go Maria.