Monday, 11 May 2009


I was panting up and down wondering why my hubby came home late from work last Saturday. Understood that his journey took him more than one hour but the wild thought was hovering me more than anything........ oh damned! Nothing else but ...........I was sooooooo HUNGRY :-p

Finally he arrived home with his old-yellow-silver-bone-shaker (his FWD Pajero) accompanied by this huge green thing. We had a very late dinner!

Well, as long he was happy.......................... indeed he was. The next day, he woke up so early to plant this 'SHREK' (I named it) and had his breakfast outside, at his little garden.

This is his favourite nook....... when the weather is fine he sips his hot coffee here situated just outside our little house. This gazebo is my hubby's own ........... designed and 'handmade' by him amongst few other things ......

My son's, BOY, vintage Vespa (formally belongs to my father). Just ignore the Vespa.... just look at the little bird's house. Made from barks of trees....... and some of his driftwood collections from the jungle around Kedah forest.

BUT wondering when will the brown giant thing in the living room be removed :-(

P/S As per today (20th May) this 'brown giant' has its permanent home, under the porch where hubby always sit and has a good rest after the hard-days-work. So now I have a peaceful mind. :-)


deetha said...

iya Kak Dee, silahkan di link.
selamat belajar memasak.. hehehe

DiahRothman said...

Okay nak mula buat apron masak lah dulu, kan? Tak mahu cuba menjahit!

MariaFaizal said...

You have a very lovely home. The 'shrek' is beautifully tiered. Do you need to trim it frequently to maintain its shape?

Your hubby I believe has green hands then.But what is that brown plant for ? :D Is it your former 'Shrek?' hehe...

Have a magnificent day sis!

DiahRothman said...

Maria, we stay in a one and a half storey terrace house, have a small garden outside for hubby to roam around every Sunday. How I wish we could stay somewhere with a little more space for him to cultivate his hobby more freely. Soon he will be on his retirement... will think of getting a kampong house or so... The shrek was pruned by the nursery. Luckily it will not grow any bigger than it is now...

Winifred said...

What a clever thing he is. What a treasure. Mine just cuts the grass but I won't complain.

DiahRothman said...

Winifred, no such thing as 'get all in one package'. We should be grateful though.

Angeliquez said...

salaam sis,
wow beautiful place you've got there Masha Allaah..And wow wow you have a lovely blog!
Thanx for visiting me,yes i am a Muslim sister:-)
im sorry that I couldn't reply to you i have been away from blog land for a while.
LOVE love love your blog sister,your work is beautiful!
I hope to come by often insha allaah!

Love from,

DiahRothman said...

Thanks for visiting here. Will get in touch with you soon. Have a nice day.