Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Lately I was so busy and my house and sewing corner was in a mess and I just can't stop sewing and sewing.... to produce anything that I could managed.... patched bags, pouches, clutches, embroidered table cloth, pincushions, table mats and some quilts and runner as display items.

And last Sunday, here I was in the Island of Penang with Hubby, from the break of dawn till sunset... at Penang Times Square for IvoryCares Carnival Day 09 ...The Ivory Properties group had their annual event to help raised fund and the amount collected will be donated to the poor and needy. It was just a small crowds/gathering, more like a family day with children and lots of food and music.

I was so tired during the events and how I wish I was at home and had a good nap.... but with few items were sold and many just stopped by for a chat and admiring my products, I felt quite happy behind my booth ...... (since Hubby is one of their staff, he could not helped out :( ..... We wrapped up with some amount to donate to the needy and I was quite pleased with the whole event and got over with in satisfactions.......

Managed to pester/persuade Hubby to take us to Borders at QueensBayMall and grabbed a quilt magazine then shoot home. I dozed off with heavy head before reaching Penang Bridge on the way home which took about one and a half hour journey with the magz opened in my hands....... poor Hubby drove in cats-and-dogs!


Mrs. Fedex said...

KD.. naper tak inform mus?
uwaaa.. tak kalu, leh jumpa KD ok..
mus ada lalu depan sana, tapi tak teringat nak singgah.. uwaaaaaa..
kejam owh KD tak inform mus..

Diah Rothman said...

Mus, sorry lah. Dok agak dah Mus mesti lompatnyer.... tak per lah lain kali. Tak best sangat pun Carnival tu. Tu pun pasai Hubby kerja kat situ.. x pun malas lah nak joint...

Hanim said...

If I had known,.. I could make an effort to drop by. Would love to meet you in person.

Mrs. Fedex said...

mus lalu tepi times square tuh nampak la booth ni.. ekekek..
tak teringat hubby KD keja sini, lupa ok..
mus hari minggu selalu keluar jalan-jalan bercinta.. ekekeke..
tuh yg nampak..
takpa.. one day mesti jumpa KD..
nanti bleh jenjalan ke rumah KD bila balik kg..

Diah Rothman said...

Hanim, so sorry... how happy I am to hear that... yes may be one fine day we could all meet and have a good chat...!

Diah Rothman said...

Mus, nanti kalau ada peluang kita leh jumpa.... InsyaAllah.