Sunday, 31 January 2010


Few days ago, I received from Craft Valley the FOUR SEASONS charts and will start stitching any time now using some floss available from my old shoe box...... Well, from today onwards my lovely DMC threads will be laid beautifully in the storage box, a gift by PuanBalkhis. Thanks Khis......

I am way behind Shima, Alynn, Yati and Nisa in this SAL ..... some almost have done half way..... so I will pay more attention to this to catch up with them........Khis, what about you, care to join.......... :)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I rushed to town today to get some materials for a friend's baby set and to fetch my BHG's APQ magz. for Feb. 2010 and of course some DMC floss for my first come-back project of cs.

Later today, a friend came to my sewing studio and started browsing this magz..... when she came across this gorgeous tote..... she was mumbling something that I did not dare listen ........mmmm just could not believe her wanting to sew THIS tote.....!!

Well, don't worry I will sew one for you... since you are still a school girl..... hoping that you will study hard to strive your goals...... I will be happy, as a reward!!

You do know who YOU are, don't you?

Monday, 25 January 2010

WIP X-Stitch-Sewing Sampler

It is almost two decades that I have left x-stitch totally. But now flipping through some xs expertise and enthusiast, I fell in love again.

Have decided to join SAL with Shima, Alynn, Yati.... and few others and while waiting for the charts to drop in my mail box I came across this beauty from my few collections of xs books and magazine.... just a few crosses.....and will update shortly.... lack of floss.....:)

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Quilted little cosmetic bags for Hasmawati.

Made from Japanese cotton Sashiko print. Just traced the diamond for quilting. Three compartments separated by soft netting which I came across at Kamdar previously, cotton lining and zipper.

The zipper pull is a hexagon, stuffed with fiber filling attached with 1" leather strap. A simple design of 23cm x 18cm x 5cm.

Another little bag for Hasmawati from the left over fabric as a gift to match.

Saturday, 23 January 2010


One of this day I will be a CROSS-STITCH CRAZE........... ? But firstly, here are some of my earlier projects which until to date never get completed.... :) Thanks to Balkhis for persuading me to ransack my hidden chest and found all sorts of treasures....

This was stitched for my two daughters to encourage and motivate them..... before they go to their kindie class..... mmmm now after few years of their graduations, this piece never get hung up at their room.... Okay, will reserve this for my future grandchildren!!!

Meant for cushion cover. Supposed to be a pair of the same design. One completed ...still single and still as it was. About 25 years old now..... as the above!

This was framed up before.... somehow it got stained due to some splashed of liquid or so during the transporting from rental house to the present. Took off for washing, but still visible.... anyone have any suggestion regarding the stain.... I have not put any detergent, just by soaking with some laundry soap... help!

Will, get more soon..... some of them with Khis...for reference!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Long since my last entry of this hexagon, diamond. Promise to concentrate and will add this to my few of the completed tops and be quilted soon...

To be frank I have lots of fabrics cut for some hexagon projects, which have yet to be pieced..... soon..... very soon!! Pray hard.... and it is growing and multiplying.....!!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


First of all, I would like to convey my heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to Puan Balkhis and Her Hubby....!

The happiest moment achieved at the starting of a good year was to be abled to do things we love and with someone of the same interest.... can really go mad! Balkhis and me had a wonderful time together yesterday from morning till almost dusk.....

When she came I had two beautiful ladies both from Perak royalty visiting my sewing corner..... After a while when my visitors had left we proceed by doing some embroidery and started talking about her new interest - cross stitching. She showed me her new books and some other gadgets bought from Craft Valley. I was rambling mine too but I can't show her anything in particular since all my works were buried in chest somewhere..... it gets so frustrating when I can't produced mine. So I dug up some precious treasures to let Khis see and well ....the rest were understood...... and I did not realized I have few more and get them completed!

Then we left my house, liked a wrecked ship, and closed the door behind us and heading to town. Firstly to register her name at POPULAR to subscribe the BHG magz and what ever available and she even asked for the back issues too....mmmmm.

To fill up for lunch we went to McD and had some big bites, cold drinks (which made me had my cold-brain several time- owch!) and Khis an ice cream... you should see how she took the delicious creamy thing... how I wish I could do just the same....

Then from here we started our hunting for fabrics.... then to some craft shops to get Aida cloth and DMC floss.... surprisingly few of the sale persons said that now x-stitch are out of seasons..... imagine! Phew! But I recalled, in the early 8thies when my craze for xs was beyond control I used to get my supplies from this particular shop..... I almost dragged Balkhis there.... poor preggy woman..... but her pace was better than mine :)

Lucky enough the tiny craft shop is still existed and everything were there... and best of all we got a good price slashed from everything bought......

Then we came back to my place and continued the embroidered parts, some rompers for her duly arrive baby. A happy Balkhis! To add to all these we called our long lost friend, former instructor from Epal group, MURNIWATI..... she came, so much to tell and hear... so many good and sad stories narrated.... yet we were like 3 stooges battling in own reminiscence....

But we have to go our separate ways .... since it was getting dark outside and promised that we will have another good time again..... soon.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


At last, this little beauty is completed. It didn't take long but all the dilly-dally...... Hani will receive July block for January first recipient. It measures 15.5" square. In much hope that Hani will have this very soon after I get the postal address from Fida.

P/S Some minor adjustment had been made to the table scheduled by Mus, which I found very appropriate and perfect for guidance. Thanks Mus...... your turn next......! Sabar!!!!!

P/S Another brilliant ideas was from Cik Kema..... walk or run over to her site and copy our individual schedule made by her, copy/paste on ours ....... wow...... excellent!!!!! Bravo!!!!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Cupcakes Basket for a friend, a sample .... a shallow rattan basket with Japanese cotton adorned with some laces. Removable for laundering including the straps and non-glue works. Stippled base and enclosed with elastic bands around to hold fabric in places.

This will be embellished and decorated with bunches of ornaments and flowers and be filled with cupcakes.... see, if I can catch the completed basket later during the engagement day. This will be used later to hold some door gifts during the wedding day but at the moment, Boy's brown teddy resting happily there.....

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Kain seperah is derived from Turkish word sofra, a piece of cloth spread on dining table. Here in Malaysia or rather for Malay traditional feast practiced sometimes ago, the food was served on seperah laid on the floor where we usually sit to have our meals for four people. Or they had the seperah laid from wall to wall and guests will sit along side them. This will also serve as to catch drips and crumbs from staining the polished wooden floor.These seperah were usually neatly embroidered and beautifully embellished by the ladies, and each one holds the pride of the owner.

The one that I made is quite simple and embroidered by machine even though sometimes I do make free motion machine embroidery using the traditional method. I have some classes for enthusiast youngsters ..... which were thinning in numbers now.....

Okay, I received few request on how I make my seperah itself before the embroidery things get into it. I prefer mine as a square tablecloth measuring 3'0" squares and here are some guides:

Hemming a Square Tablecloth:

1. Measure 36" + 1.5" on all sides for hemming. Total we have 39"x 39" square cloth.

2.To mitre the corners. Measure 3" on each corner and mark a line across on wrong side of fabrics. (Here I make my own corner template and pencil mark the diagonal line)

3. Fold from one edge meets the other then sew along pencil line, leaving 1/4" and reverse stitch.

4. Cut off the corners about 1/4" away from stitching line

5. Open and finger-pressed the seam. Turn right side out and making sure the corner-edge are well pushed out. Do the same to all four corners.

6. Fold in 1/4" seam and pin up. After turning under we have
1 1/4" hemming left. Sew all four sides.

7. Done with the hemming. Some decorative stitches are recommended for added value. Embroider as you wish. Iron and fold, ready as a gift....!

P/S This method has been applied to my custom made seperah because it lays on neatly and gives weight after embroidering.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


So much so for the holidays spent with our children at BK3 and we definitely had a superb time together. Apart from attending weddings, visiting relatives and close friends we as usual had a good gathering whenever we could because unfortunately their working life forbid so... but we still had a great time over every dinner!

Hubby and our son had their man's job.... they painted the whole internal wall, which took about 3 days to complete. Installing framed photos and drilling and plugging for shelves, fixing dripping taps, replacing broken tiles, cleaning, scrapping the stained wall and floors and mopping ..... urgh.... all their jobs.... but I had this certain happiness inside me seeing the strong bonding between father and son.... How I love these two men in my life!

Nothing compares to us, girls, close relationships.... my daughters are my friends and I can confide in them. Between the three of us, no doubt, no secrets and no restrictions...... We spent one day roaming around the Klang Valley till my knees were wilted and had to beg for an adjourn with some soft chilled drinks to quench my thirst and surrender with pathetic exhaustion.... ohhhhh........BUT I bought some fabrics after visiting Nagoya, Harrison's and Kamdar along Jalan TAR. Then to Macy for some unnecessary items.. but still insist on buying.... typical of all girl... :) Then to Kelvin's place, and picking some other unnecessary items again. But there I had a nice chat with Kelvin himself.... about the retreat and him moving to Kayu Ara soon. Then to IKEA to get some bedding sheets and duvet for our son, Sulhi aka Boy. Here too I did not forget what I had promised Balkhis.... (If you want them, Khis, hop over to my place!)

All in all this holidays were very much meaningful and the happiest ever and the longest hubby had for his year end's break! Thank you all, Nia, Darr and Boy for making, Abah and Mama, happy and feel contented with life and for having all of you around us both.........

Monday, 4 January 2010

SamplerBOM2010 - January for Hani

We, all participate, will start this month with assigned block with guidance from original sampler design of FQS Cinnamon-teen Chocolate Figs & Roses 2006 BOM Quilt until the end of December 2010. It consists of a 16-patch squares for each and a total of 12 blocks will be made by each one of us in rotation each month. The finished size of this quilt will be 57" x 73.5"......

Before I start with my first block I would like to personally convey my thanks and heartfelt gratitude to the for sharing this beautiful masterpiece. Thank you again.....

The first lucky member to get the whole lot of blocks will be HANI.... Congratulations Hani.... I am sure you just can't wait to receive those blocks of your own colour choice..... WHITE, GREEN and PINK !


Before we, hubby and I, left for KL I did the embroidered saperah and made through all and delivered to the owner just on time. 150 pieces ironed, fold, packed individually and accordingly......

What a relief.......... and we shoot off for some long holidays with our children at BK3.

Friday, 1 January 2010


...... WELCOME 2010 ......