Tuesday, 29 March 2011

WIP- small prayer mat

I have another project for the WI meeting next month. Here it is, a little progress.

I am done with any hand quilting for years now, due to numbness and tingling fingers and pain on my right shoulder (frozen shoulder). But I did try here and found that no consistency in my stitches. Luckily it covers a small area of the whole project though but it needs my nurturing and attention dearly.

These are my fave thimbles. And look closely at the right top gadget, it has duly worn out and dented a bit for years of usage. The one with skin color is an open adjustable thimble which is now my fave (from CP)..... and the other piece I used for the bottom middle finger for protection. The leather 'clover' thimble is quite useful at time, but not for quilting.


Mila@Rimbun said...

I have one, but tak reti nak guna or in other word kekok nak guna.

NYKOLETT said...

KakDee...handstitch ke!kalau saya might take forever and juling mata hihihi.

MamaDaniel said...

Kak.. yang skin color tu, plastik ke kak? nmpk menarik la.. :D
saya ni kekadang je hand quilt, jadinya stitches saya masih panjang pendek.. hehe.. :D

DiahRothman said...

Mila, at first KD pun rasa cam tu... tapi lama2 okay.... cepat dan stitches leh buat banyak at one time. Practice selalu nnti terbiasa lah...Mila. Happy sewing!

Rose, KD used to it years back... la ni kekadang jari rasa kebas2 tu yang dan tak buat..... Lebih mudah guna mesin kan!

Zila, yer, plastik. Berbagai jenis KD cuba, so far yang tu the best. Beli kat Cottage Patch. It fits all finger sizes dan tak slips out.
Sehari dua dah on balik ni KD pun rasa dah best pulak hand quilt yang telah KD tinggalkan hampir tiga tahun lebih... tapi lambat la nak siap kan... :)

Yati said...

Yati sama macam kak Mila. Kekok bila pakai. Jari tu tinggi je, tak nak pegang jarum. :D

DiahRothman said...

Yati, kekok at first.... lama2 okay ;)