Thursday, 19 May 2011


The diamonds were flourishing and growth was formed................ just a little.
But I am happy non the less to be able to touch them, hopefully, soon to be like THIS


MamaDaniel said...

wah.. dah byk diamond tu kak... :)

saya pun berangan ke arah yang sama.. :)

DiahRothman said...

Zila .... go for it dear.

KD punya dah hampir penuh... :)

Nurhayathxcy said...

Kak Dee please don't be annoyed I'm leaving such lengthy comments on your blog now hehehe sorry :) :)
I'm just impressed at how this little pattern of diamond here can grow to such a beautiful big quilt. Very intricate details and processes I'd say! Kak Dee I need your wisdom on getting the right quilt tools e.g. rotary cutter, quilting ruler and all that. I know Clover is among the famous brands for quilting tools but they are so very expensive for students heheh so I reckon. My question is that do I buy my quilting supplies according to the brand or...? Please help Kak Dee.

DiahRothman said...

Hayati dear, so glad you come often to visit my humble blog...

Thro' my experience of using tools for craft and quilting, a good brand has produced a quality products, and are reliable, longer life span and durable. Produk yang dikeluarkan selalunya ada ciri2 yang kita perlu kan untuk spesifik craft. Like quilting, ketepatan ukuran dan jahitan perlu dan wajib, dan alat yang specifik ini amat membantu. Mine mostly have touched 10 years of hard labor and still okay but you know... gradually I changed to another just to upgrade!

Since you are abroad, I think you have no problem getting them. OLFA is one amongst good brand with good reasonable price.... The choice is yours dear!!!!

Nurhayathxcy said...

Kak Dee thank you so much for the advice :)

Last Sunday I managed to drag my feet in the cold winter wind, hopped on the bus and finally reached Spotlight to get my hands on some quilting tools. Spotlight is like a big hardware stores for women; apart from craft supplies, they also sell kitchen ware and bedroom linen etc.

So long story short, I got myself an Olfa rotary cutter (45mm), self healing cutting mat, a square and a rectangular quilting ruler..just some basics really for beginners. The staff there was really helpful too, she assisted me all the way through.

Oh oh and I got myself some colorful yarns too - I'm crocheting a blankie for a dear Aunt here. I'm leaving NZ for good soon so this is like a farewell gift for her. How bout you Kak Dee, do you do any other crafts apart from sewing?

Gosh this is really a very lengthy comment reply I hope you're not bored. Thanks very much again for the advice. Allah bless you for your help :)

DiahRothman said...

Hayati, you did a good shopping and items bought were just perfect for life time quilting too.

I went to Spotlight from 'here' last night.... :D An interesting shopping journey there....

Hayati, I plunged myself in most craft project and wanted to explore to what extent my passion could go. But often I come back to quilting and all fabrics related products and sewing.

I found a new acquaintance in you Hayati, and so happy and thankful that you reach me here...just like you are there, in person. Hope one day, we will set eyes on each other, when you are back here in Malaysia! All the best in all your undertakings! Take care!