Friday, 27 May 2011

Up on the shelf

This top is ready for quilting, hopefully soon,.......... after this school holidays and wedding seasons.

I will take a break, to my hometown, Ipoh, for a short while and maybe will go further down to BK3 if Hubby is in the mood to drive us down......
I pray hard that he will.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

All things moved......

Left alone means I do not need to cook for any meals, means Hubby was away for fishing!

And I went busy shifting and rearranging my sewing corner again. My secret..... I arrange the sewing room every two or three months once ...... Am I weird?

These pics below are just for my sewing diary and to keep track of my daily activities....... :)

A little office where I am typing now.... with such comfy armchair who could resist sitting for hours, surfing and browsing...... me especially!! And my sewing table with MekTam now.

The messy part of my corner... the working and cutting table. Last month I bought the foldable table from is kind of handy and becomes 2' x 2' when folded up portable enough for my little transport. I transformed the back of the old cupboard and my old wardrobe for my design wall...... but found out that it is not sufficient to cater even for a single quilt top..... will see some other solutions.

This is how Hubby will view me, I guess....... when he is not busy with his Byond...... :D

An open storage area where I keep all the necessary quilting items ..... messy :)

This trolley with castors is really handy to store all the little sewing items.

Some collections of craft books and magazines

Now....... my most favorite spot....... supplied by my kids, they just knew their mama's taste.
I love chocolates and sweets :D

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

HexyDiamond is almost there..!

Almost a week I was dealing with this diamonds and the top was done. It measures approximately around 82" square. The frame was sewn and will look for a suitable backing fabric and quilt it and get it completed.
I attached the frame using this MekTam. She has been hibernating for quite sometimes now...and I will not let her rest anymore.
Day and night she will be drooling with me....... She is a real beauty!

Thursday, 19 May 2011


The diamonds were flourishing and growth was formed................ just a little.
But I am happy non the less to be able to touch them, hopefully, soon to be like THIS

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pincushions Craze hit back....

I was in town today and try to get hold of our Dear Friend, Puan Balkhis for lunch date but to no avail..... kind of miss her lately.

Was wondering around on my own (as always) after delivering few mails at the post office, then proceeded to town to just window shop.....! But I did not just glance trough the windows but awkwardly stumbled into the glass door to shop for fabrics... and brought home few metres of lovely fabrics from KAMDAR (on sales now) and some trimmings and colourful buttons for my latest craze........... hexagon pincushions!!!!

Started this for few days now but short of buttons to complete. More and more triangles are forming from fabric stash as I cut others for on going quilt project .... And now I have plenty of pincushions for my visitors and as door gift from my sewing corner ..... :)

Saturday, 14 May 2011


I was in BK3 for almost a week with Hubby and had great times with my children and getting to know our SonIL, Afif, the quiet and shy type, more thorough then.. :) They, my kids, trailed me along in my craze of shopping around for few days.......... thanks all dear.

Before I left my sewing corner I got hold of few UFOs. There are few that attract my attention.

Now, this has become my next to do list since these pieces was there and existed as long as I can remember. Some remnants from a friend's king size quilt.

Friday, 6 May 2011


Each was embroidered, iron neatly, pack individually and delivered to the rightful owners this morning......

Argh, what a relief!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Kesidang, Kerak Nasi or Bread Flowers, all are the same, though they are tiny,
they have a sweet fragrance that mesmerises.

The long lasting scent is very therapeutic and helps to relieve stress and act as natural perfume which lingers on for few days......

The above, Hubby cut few stalks and placed it on my work desk. Thanks DIA......

Sunday, 1 May 2011

WIP - Embroidery

This Janome Memory Craft, Mek, will be my companion for the whole of this week.
She will sings melodiously and embroidering 42 pieces of pillowcases and 15 pieces of tablecloth......while I do my other sewing.

Come on Mek......... we work together hand in hand....... and finish up by this week!


My sadness and frustration after losing some hexy-flowers at my premise was lifted when these arrived yesterday. None other than Zura herself send another set of ten to replace the lost. How kind and considerate of her.............:)

Thanks Zura, for all these ........... Will place your flowers in my heart till the end.

See, the lovely and striking yellow surrounded by the black polka dots... just my fave!!!


After all the suicidal but with satisfactions achieved in the process of doing house chores, I often return to my sewing corner and try to do something small and fast by means of subsiding my agony.

Lately I get tired and fatigued often .... Just thinking of adjusting and reschedule my routine!

So I did this, a pouch ...... a new home to my fave sunglasses.