Wednesday, 5 August 2009


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1. To my family I am a perfectionist..... I can still compromise with others though.

2. To choose between sewing and cooking.... I would rather scrubbing the floor, but still go to the kitchen for the sake of my beloved.... and my favourite recipes are LaksaPenang and MeeCurry.

3. Most morbid and phobia on riding a motorbike cos I fell off hard once.

4. Can't stand anything furry like cats...... don't mind jumping on chairs or table if one comes nearby....

5. Apart from sewing, love swimming so much... or just be in the water makes my life wonderful!

6. I am my Father's favourite child .... loves me even though I stay far from him ..... I am as stubborn as he is..... equal... but we get along fine. I did all men task during childhood and tagging along him like a shadow and helped him out to do gardening , mowed the lawn, built our own playground, built a little play-hut and we play kites together. I even helped out to repair my bicycle and changed flat tyres...... He is 80 this year and I love him ever!

7. Now, counting the days for Hubby's retirements and hope the many plans and dreams we have will come to reality..... we pray hard for that. Aaaminnn.

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Angeliquez said...

You sound exactly like my sister!(actually my half sis,my only sis,my favourite sis:-)).

And Aameen to your duas sis!

DiahRothman said...

Angeliquez, we are what we are till the end.... oh, glad if you could be my sister too. InsyaAllah, thanks!

limpingalong said...

We are counting months (6) until my Sweetie's retirement. Oh, we can hardly wait. It may take him a while to get used to not going to work every day but we will gradually fit our lives into a routine.

DiahRothman said...

Limpingalong (Anita),
It is about time now to plan for smthing... but his(hubby) plan is to refurbish our 'old-hut' and stay or rather live there and start a new job nearby ... Pray for the best!
Wish you luck too!