Thursday, 25 June 2009


My excitement of waiting for the pincushion swap finally came to an end when this arrived yesterday. I was so exited all over, for this was my first swap and received some great gifts from Vanessa Bodrie of Minnesota.I read her blog and I fell in love with the neighbourhood she and family stay. So country........ a serene life. She is good at quilting and my... her kids too do lots of craft projects! Please do visit her blog!

She wrapped some of the gifts with great black and red fabrics, my favourite colours.

When I unwrapped there goes the beautiful, cute pincushion sewn with care, some beads, ribbons, fabrics and a card..... I love all these.

Thank you Vanessa for all the wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Also my thanks to Sandra to make everything possible and happens......


MariaFaizal said...

Beautiful sis!
I just love when people care so much about wrapping or arranging a present/thing beautifully (doesn't matter the price). Don't you?

DiahRothman said...

Maria, absolutely right, dear.

Just like the way you keep your house to be your home.... I like your choice too and your arrangements. Very neat and tidy!