Monday, 1 June 2009


Dear friend Haslina gave me this piece of stencilled fabric to make into something. Received few months back and it took me awhile to get it done and finally managed to complete this yesterday.

It is a pincushion having 4 inches square. Just stitched a cotton lace around it and have no intention to add anything else because it is just beautiful being itself. I did not even cut it any smaller to give space for the pin or needles not to land on the beautiful stincilled part. Too lovely to get poke!

Thanks Haslina. I will keep this lovely gift from you.... ever!


MariaFaizal said...

Love love this.Very country!
Gonna try to find these kind of fabrics soon :D

DiahRothman said...

Maria, this was Haslina's handmade stencil project. I didn't know where she got the stencil is a rare piece.. guess I am so lucky to have it done by her personally. It is beautiful, definitely!

Haslina said...

Kak Diah, I just love how it turned out. I noticed the comment by Maria. I'll try to contact her and see whether she wants one sent to her, with her name of course. It takes just about 10 minutes to do and postage is next to nothing so I'll probably send her one if she is interested. Anyway, the pin cushion turned out so nice!!!!!! Love it!

DiahRothman said...

So glad you like it. It is my intention not to add anything more that could distract its beauty... Mmm... I can see that you have some fans ... even at my sewing room here. Anyway Haslina where did you get the stencil from... I am really interested, please.

Take care dear.

Alviana said...

very cute indeed. i'm very curious about this stenciled fabric. it's very very nice.

p/s: plz let the super cute cushion poke-free hehehe

DiahRothman said...

Alviana, have to keep it away from many of its fans here.....too!!!!