Thursday, 29 October 2009


I was dusting off my embroidery machine from the corner of my sewing table...... poor girl! I am into embroidery this week for few custom orders from some friends.

While I was at it, I embroidered a white pure cotton fabric tablecloth for my Angel from Stitchers' Angels Swap (can't reveal her here yet). Included were a wrist clutch by which I hand-stitched a little rose and a hexagon pincushion. Hope with these, she loves them and will reach her on time. Have posted this a week ago.

P/S > Received a note from my Angel, Suzana Diaz of SusanPatch from Malaga, Spain. She has received my little gifts safely and hoping very mush she loves them all....... My humble thanks too for Helen Stubbings of Hugsnkisses for hosting this wonderful swap..... will look forward for more swaps organize by Helen.... :)

> An email came from Pia Skogman, my Angel from Sweden, saying that she was not feeling well to stitch yet....... and she was so sorry for this to happen.... My prayer for your speedy recovery Pia...... I can always wait.... :)


dura said...

kak dee,
your work is amazing. you always inspire me with your work. too bad i missed your givaway ..huhu sedih.
i'd like to link your blog to mine ya..

DiahRothman said...

Dura, thanks for visiting. Have read and linked yours too. Drop by again dear!

naiz said...

kakD saprah tu, jait bunga sulam mesin yek. bahagian tepi tu buat cabut benang yek. eemmm....letih mata nak membilang benang.

DiahRothman said...

Naiz, sulam bunga ngan mesin sulam. Yang tepi saperah tu KD guna sejenis jarum yang di panggil "wing-needle".. pilih corak jahitan kat mesin dan jahit ... mudah ajer :)

Alviana said...

Kak D,
U're so talented and gifted with neddleworks. i love ur embroidery. so cute and neat. wish u can be my mentor :)

SusanPatch said...

Hi dear,
I am your Stitchers Angel SWAP partner and would like to thank you so much for those beautiful gifts. Very soon I will post an entry to show.
Thanks and best regards from Spain

DiahRothman said...

Thanks Alviana.

I am still learning each day..... :)

DiahRothman said...


Glad that you have received my gifts..hope you enjoy them!