Sunday, 25 October 2009


I am still struggling with some expired promises.... here are some and.... oh.... few more to fulfill.

These are for Farah and Sarah (mother and daughter). Made the cutie bags few weeks ago and last night I stayed-up late to complete the messenger bag for her a matching pencil-box!

Sarah, Auntie Diah forgot to embroider your initials as promised.... sorry dear!


busymum100 said...

Salam K Diah (can I call you that?),

I came across your blog when Tini of Snazzy ang Such mentioned it in hers.

I like reading your blog (esp of your sewing) and I am putting a link to it from mine. I hope it's ok with you. I would like to read all of your blog entry but now I am busy with some office work, hence I'm linking it from mine so that I can bisit it again later.

I hope it's OK with you.

You have done some beautiful needlecraft.

I am sure I will enjoy reading your blog again.

DiahRothman said...

Thanks busymum100, have read yours partly... will do again soon... Nice knowing you... and have linked yours too.